Kattige Muhurtha marks 3rd phase of Paryaya preparations at Adamar Math

Kattige Muhurtha marks 3rd phase of Paryaya preparations at Adamar Math

Udupi: The ritual ‘Kattige Muhurtha’ (storing of firewood) was performed by the priests of Sri Adamar Math in the absence of the Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji and Sri Eshapriya Theertha Swamiji in the midst of chanting ‘Vishnu Sahsranama’ and ‘Veda Sthothras’ on Thursday, July 4.

The ritual was performed in the presence of the Adamar math priests and scholars. This is the third leg of preparations for the biennial Paryaya at the Sri Krishna Math as the Swamiji of Adamar math will ascend the sacred Paryaya throne on January 18, 2020.

The Swamiji has performed the ‘Bale Muhurtha’ (planting banana saplings) and ‘Akki Muhurtha’ (storing rice). The preparation for the main Paryaya festival ends with the Swamiji performing the fourth leg, ‘Bhattha Muhurtha’ (storing paddy).

Prayers were offered to Anantheshwara, Chandramouleshwara and the Sri Krishna Temple. The firewood cart, initiated by the Sri Krishna Temple traditional carpenter Vittala Mestri was carried by the people from Adamar Math to the backyard of Sri Krishna Math.

The stored firewood will be utilised by the Paryaya Math during the two-year Paryaya period.

Sri Vadiraja Swamiji who introduced the practice of biennial Paryaya system in place of the two month Paryaya term also put forth the tradition of ‘Kattige Ratha’ (cart of firewood) which came into existence about 500 years ago. The cart can hold around 120 tonnes of firewood which will be sufficient to serve food for the devotees for two years of the Paryaya.