KCO to Hold Konkani Cultural Day on April 27

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KCO to Hold Konkani Cultural Day on April 27

Abu Dhabi: Konkani Cultural Association (KCO) Abu Dhabi is happy to announce their upcoming Konkani Event “KONKANI CULTURAL DAY” on 27th April 2018 from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm at the Indian Social & Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi.

Entry to this Event will be Free for all Participants and Audience. A simple lunch will be served to all attending the Event.

The event will be held as a Competition between various Konkani Cultural Troupes of UAE who will be performing the following:

 A Konkani Skit
 A Konkani Group Song
 A Group Dance
 A Surprise Item

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

 Group Winners & Runners Up
 Best All-Round Performer
 Best Child Artist
 Best Surprise Item

Entries for participation should reach any of the following KCO office bearers latest by 10th April 2018

• Leena Dsouza: +971505216775
• Sandhya Vas: +971506873218
• Jason Correa: +971508865038

Or emailed to: kcoabudhabi@gmail.com

Please Note: Only the first 10 entries will be accepted.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Maximum group strength – 16 members per group (Male/Female/Children).
2. Participants for Skit, Song & Dance – Maximum 8 members per item.
3. Maximum number of Participants for Surprise Item shall be 4 from each group.
4. Each group will be allowed maximum 20 minutes to perform all 4 Items.
5. Maximum number of Groups shall be limited to 10.
6. Lots will be taken at 10:00 am on 27/04/2018 at ISC Premises to decide the Group Sequence.
7. Participants should present items reflecting Konkani Culture and our age-old traditions and practices.
8. All participants should be Konkani Catholics.
9. Participants should not use the stage to present anything that hurts other Individuals, Religions, Politicians or Associations.
10. Use of Fire, Water & Alcohol shall not be allowed on stage.
11. For the Group Song maximum, 3 musical instruments shall be allowed:
a. Keyboard
b. Non-Electric Guitar
c. Non-Electric Tabla or Bongo drums.

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