Kendall Jenner’s fashion failures as a child

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Los Angeles, June 11 (IANS) Model Kendall Jenner says she had major fashion fails as a child because her mother, Kris Jenner insisted on dressing her in matching clothes to her younger sister Kylie.

“Yeah, my biggest fashion regret is when we were little our mom used to dress us in matching clothes, so we definitely have some major fashion fails from childhood,” Kendall said.

The 19-year-old model’s sibling Kylie added to her comments by saying that she also giggles when she looks back at the clothes they were made to wear, because they were so wacky, reports

“We try not to overthink what we’re wearing and don’t have any MAJOR fashion regrets — yet! But when we look back at old pictures, we can’t help but laugh at some of our outfits. (sic),” Kylie told WhoWhatWear, a US website.

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