Khushbu says her film career over, Modi a failure

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Thiruvananthapuram, May 24 (IANS) Noting that her film career has ended, actress-turned-Congress politician Khushbu on Sunday said the Narendra Modi-led central government was a failure.

Chennai-based Khushbu said she approves of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha as a woman but does not accept her arrogance.

“My children have now grown up. Now I am busy with the activities of the Congress party. If I take up acting, I might have problems meeting deadlines,” the Congress national spokesperson said during interaction with the media here.

“Since I do not want to trouble the producers, I can say that my acting career has come close to a full stop,” she said.

Hitting hard at Prime Minister Modi, the articulate actress said all the promises that he made last year have fallen flat.

“The worst affected are the poor and the farmers. It was these two sections which Modi said can look forward to his governance. The rich have got richer and the poor have become poorer,” said Khushbu.

“When the UPA was in power, the oil prices were above $160 a barrel and during the past one year the fell as low as $54. What did they (BJP) do?” she asked.

“We are all waiting to see what the BJP government is going to do with regards to the acquittal of Jayalalitha in a (graft) case,” said Khushbu.


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