Killing Of An Innocent

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Ma ma?.. Why do you kill me? What have I done to you? Those sharp knives & clippers are slashing into me, can you not save me. Mummy? please can you hear me, can you??? How can a mother not hear the shrill cry of her baby? Is she deaf to such an extent that she cannot perceive the frail cry in her womb?  Or is that she?s ashamed to admit the cruel truth, yes my child, I?ve killed you, killed you to sheathe from blame?

It was lunch break and all of us jumped in to have our lunch, the scorching sun, the hungry stomach, & the irate clients had all fuelled in enough fire and it seemed as if each one was waiting for his/her turn to take off the exasperation. It was the wrong time to lob this sort of a topic.

We have all had it enough, not again please; they started snapping at me as they opened their lunch boxes.  Why should it concern us? Get off from here you dumb head, if you are here to explain this fetid stuff then please head off, they snorted. Why? Why should I?

Is this so common that we have taken it for granted? Are we aware that we have been murdering a life that is yet to arrive to this world? A cold-blooded murder, and we call ourselves Christians is it? (CHRISTH HAV) Yes, I am a Christian, so what? So what?  I am an inherent part of this society. What would people speak about me that am an unwed mother? Who would marry me if they get to know that I have a child already? We are compelled to opt for this ghastly act, she said as she pointed out at her maid. I had seen her a several times; she was a young girl with a charisma, how angelic the baby would have been, had she not aborted.  Where is the conscience gone? Are we beasts? How can we be beasts, even they love their offspring, in this aspect they are much respectable than us, at least they do not abort. 

What is that compels us take up this ghastly act? Teens these days think they are grown up and are much more liberal in thinking and deeds. By not indulging in smoking, drinking, late night parties, pubs, overnight stay, etc they fear they would be called archaic. What would be the possible outcome of these activities? An absolute mess and then they turn around and say, Cool man! It is just a body mass, an hour in the hospital and nobody can make out. How ridiculous? Can we call them immature?

A buzzard, who hardly knows the significance of wife, claims it is the duty of his wife to please him, after slogging the entire day, he expects her to dance around to his whims and fancies. To think of a baby, that in a world already wrought with so much anguish and despair, why could she possibly want to bring another life into this bloody mess? There was no second thought but take the ultimate verdict, abort the baby. Can we still justify that she did justice to the baby? Does she not have the guilt feelings in her?

My husband needs a baby boy, he says his Parivar is incomplete without a male inheritor; he has already killed my two daughters, this is the third one, he is loaded with money and deems that he can do whatever he feels like. If money does not help then power does. I declined several times, and then he threatened me of getting married a second time. Pathi is Parmeshwar. Opting for a deceitful husband at the cost of an innocent life, a right decision? This is so vile?

There was this friend I met, she was married two years ago, she was quite disturbed, her husband needs to enjoy life, and is forcing on her to abort the baby. He thinks it is too early for him to shoulder this responsibility. What do we call him? A Narcissistic?

Are we to blame the men wholly? Are we women not responsible as well? There are these women, who feel that their beauty would fade away after the birth of a baby. It is more vital for them to preserve their physical beauty. I guess the Miss Beautiful title is much recognized than being called a Mother. Beautiful they call themselves?  The so-called carrier oriented women; they believe a child to be an obstacle for their career, a blockade in reaching the pinnacle of fame. This ephemeral fame seems to bestow them more happiness than the motherhood.

What exemplar are we setting for our younger generations? How long would this go on? How many more reasons do we need to veil our selfish motives?  How many more reasons, do we need to KILL? The bible takes this to be a major sin. Among the Ten Commandments that were handed over to us through Moses, one was. ?Do not commit murder?

Genesis 9 (9.5-7):  If anyone takes human life, he will be punished. I will punish with death any animal that takes a human life.  Man was made like God, so whoever murders a man will himself be killed by his fellow man.  You must have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth.?

Abortion affects both the mother and father, even if they do not realize it or begin to deal with it until years later. Many people “stuff” their hurts deep down inside themselves because they are too afraid to look at them. I guess it is always harder to forgive ourselves though.

Parenting is one of the most challenging things here on earth, but it also one of the most gratifying. You are doing such a wonderful thing. You are giving LIFE to this child.

Author: Juliet Gomes- UAE

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