Kim Kardashian finds Bruce very beautiful

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Los Angeles, May 20 (IANS) Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West thinks Bruce Jenner looks “very beautiful” as a woman and says “it felt very natural” to see him wearing a dress and makeup for the first time.

Kim’s 65-year-old stepfather Bruce announced he is transitioning from male to female.

“I have met her. I just recently met her and it was amazing. And she looked beautiful, she was dressed up, beautiful makeup, beautiful hair – very, very, very beautiful. And very comfortable. It felt very natural,” Kim told

While Kim has always supported Bruce, she credits her husband Kanye West for urging her to get behind his transformation.

“I always accepted him. It was just taking the time to really get to understand him and Kanye really made that clear to me when he said, ‘Could you imagine what it must be like to just not feel like yourself?’ I really can’t imagine it,” she added.

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