KMC Attavar Observes International Childhood Cancer Day

KMC Attavar Observes International Childhood Cancer Day

Mangaluru: KMC hospital Attavar observed the International Childhood Cancer Day at the Sanjeevini Hall, here on February 14.

The programme began with an invocation. The Chief of Division of Child Pediatric Haematology Oncology, Department of Paediatrics KMC hospital Mangaluru Dr Harsha Prasad welcomed the gathering.

Addressing the gathering Dr Harsha Prasad said, “Today we are observing the International Childhood Cancer Day in order to bring awareness and express our support to children who suffer from cancer and their families. Every year nearly 3 lakh children are diagnosed with cancer. But childhood cancer is curable. Our aim is to bring awareness to the parents that cancer is curable. Since no treatment is free, we need to raise funds for the treatment of children and also provide quality treatment. There should not be any compromise with the treatment. Fundraising is part of this programme. Many children have been cured of cancer and many are under treatment. In developed countries, 80% of the children with cancer survive but in our country, only a maximum of 40% survive from cancer. I have also worked in developed countries, here I realize that teamwork, team support and financial support is the cause for this. In KMC Hospital, we have been treating all types of cancer in children for the past 20 years. In 6 years we have diagnosed nearly 425 cases and 335 children have received treatment and many have completely cured. We have dedicated the oncology ward for children, dedicated nursing team, dedicated doctors, social workers, data manager, pediatric surgeon and on-site radiation oncology facility”.

Dr Harsha further said, “Our intention is that no child should go home without treatment. From the past 18 months, we are providing quality treatment, sometimes cancer is very complicated. From the past 15 months, we are participating in the programme at the National Cancer Grid led by Tata Memorial Centre. It is a network of major cancer centres, research institutes, patient groups and charitable institutions across India with the mandate of establishing uniform standards of patient care for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, providing specialized training and education in oncology and facilitating collaborative basic, translational and clinical research in cancer. Our main aim to see that children come to the hospital happily, it should not be a burden for them. We are expecting some NGOs to come forward to support the children. Those children who suffer from cancer cannot go to school during the treatment. They need to stay in the hospital for one to two months and hence will lose their education. We are also thinking of giving education to children and we are expecting some good-hearted people to come forward to teach them for one or two hours.

The programme was inaugurated by Music Director, Singer and Actor Gurukiran by watering the plant along with other dignitaries.

Addressing the gathering Gurukiran said, “Today is Valentine’s day and most of all the one who loves us more, that is my mother’s birthday. Today we are also observing the International Childhood Cancer Day and I am delighted to be here. Cancer is a deadly disease but if you diagnose it on time it is curable. I know the pain the family goes through if any member of the family suffers from cancer. Three years ago I lost my father due to cancer. Losing the battle is very tough to accept. My father was old and he did not have the strength to fight against cancer. Children are blessed by God and they have the immunity to fight against cancer. KMC is doing a wonderful job by providing quality treatment to the children who suffer from cancer. From my side, I will try to hold some shows so that I can raise funds towards cancer patients to get quality treatment. I request every parent to support their children because parents support is most important in the fight against cancer.

Ian Lyngdoh from Happy bar nutrition spoke on the occasion and briefed about the activities by their organisation. Dr Alfred Agustine also spoke on the occasion. Dr Ramitha delivered the vote of thanks. HoD of Paediatrics KMC hospital Dr Kamalakshi Bhat, Medical Superintendent KMC Hospital Attavar Dr John Ramapuram, KMC Hospitals Regional Chief Operating Officer  Saghir Siddiqui, Medical Superintendent Dr Anand Venugopal were also present.

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