KMC Holds College Day and Awards Ceremony at TMA Pai Hall

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KMC Holds College Day and Awards Ceremony at TMA Pai Hall

Mangaluru: The annual day and awards ceremony of Kasturba Medical College Mangalore was held at the TMA Pai International Convention Centre, here on March 16.

The programme began with an invocation. Dean KMC Mangaluru Dr M Venkatraya Prabhu welcomed the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp and offering floral tribute to the portrait of the founder.

Dr Sampat S Shivangi MD, FICS Chair Mississippi State Board of Mental Health, President of KMC Alumni Association of USA and President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin was the chief guest of the day. Pro Chancellor Manipal Academy of Higher education Dr H S Ballal felicitated Dr Sampat S Shivangi with Peta, Shawl, fruits and memento on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Dr Sampat S Shivangi said, “I must mention how grateful I am to Dr Prabhu for inviting me here and keeping in touch with me through all the years. It is an honour and what a day in my life that alumni coming from a remote village of Karnataka and being recognized by the alumnus. I am wondering how my parents would have been proud to witness this and believe such a thing happened with their son when they were alive. Mom and dad this is for you and not for me because when I was four-year-old I lost my father and my mother brought me up where I am”.

Dr Sampat further said, “My favourite subject is maternal mortality. India needs four hundred thousand more doctors to serve the country. There are hundreds of medical colleges but India provides only 7 doctors for 10,000 citizens where even the richest countries provide 25 doctors for 10,000 There are more than 120,000 doctors in the US of Indian origin which shows our doctors are going to other countries to serve. Australia has 33 doctors for 10,000 citizens. I want to reflect on maternal mortality, even though it has declined 44% since 1990 but globally every day 830 women die from pregnancy and childbirth complications. And 1 woman dies every two minutes. In India, maternity mortality rate is 176 deaths and we are equal to Bangladesh and Pakistan. Iraq and Iran have 50 and 25.”

Dr Sampat also said, “We have technologically, economically, educationally succeeded but we are still considered third world nation where the mortality rate is considered. Last year in January, when I attended a programme in Bengaluru where I had the opportunity to meet the president of India and the prime minister. I had met Modiji several times and he knew me through my face. As we were waiting for the award, Modiji walked towards me I did not want to lose the opportunity. I told him, sir, you are only interested to save, educate the girl but you forgot the mother. Before you do anything add one more slogan “save the mother” who is the focal point of the family, the centre of the universe. He was very much touched by it, he did not know what to say and hugged me. He said we will do something, you will hear from me. And after two weeks I got an email saying that the Prime Minister wants to thank you to bring the issue and we will do something for the Mothers but I was not sure about it. But in June 2017, in his radio speech “Mann ki baat”, 20 minutes he spent on maternal mortality and morbidity rate. Being an Indian I have done my job. My heart always beats for India, you can take me out of India but you cannot take India out from me.”

Stressing on Health care in India Dr Sampat said, “If we talk about health care in India, 80% of the medical cost is borne by the patient. No other country or person on this universe pays 80% for medical care. In the UK it is only 6%, in France 30% and USA 33%. In India, the poor man earns Rs 5000 and he needs to pay 80% for health care. I don’t know how the people in India lead their day-to-day life.”

Vice-chancellor of MAHE Dr H Vinod Bhat also spoke on the occasion. Prizes and certificates were distributed to the students by Dr Sampat Shivagi. The best outgoing student was awarded gold medal by the first lady of MAHE Vasanti R Pai. Outgoing student Dr Ashwini M V raised the toast to the institution. Associate Dean Dr Unnikrishnan delivered the vote of thanks.

Pro-Chancellor of MAHE Dr H S Ballal, Pro-Chancellor MAHE Mangaluru campus Dr V Surendra Shetty, Pro-Chancellor MAHE (Faculty of Health Sciences) Dr Poornima Balaiga and Registrar MAHE Dr Naraayan Sabhahit were also present.

Pics by Astel Pereira, Team Mangalorean

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