KMC joins Ramakrishna Mission’s Swacchata Abhiyan in Attavar area

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KMC joins Ramakrishna Mission’s Swacchata Abhiyan in Attavar area

Mangaluru: 16th Week’s Ramakrishna Mission Swachata Abhiyan drive was carried out in Attavar area on 18th February. Raviraj, Senior Manager, Operations, KMC and Aniruddh Nayak flagged off the drive at about 7:30 am. Captain Ganesh Karnik, Mentor of the Abhiyan spoke on the occasion welcoming the volunteers, he briefed about the Abhiyan and its significance. Gracy Lobo, Imtiyaz Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed and many others were present on the occasion.

Cleanliness Drive: Volunteers cleaned in the surroundings of Attavar Katte by sweeping the area and the roads clean. The staff of KMC under the guidance of Dr Sindhu Surendra cleaned the road leading from Attavar Katte towards KMC. Students of Sarojini Madhusudan Kushe School under the guidance of Lecturer Prathim Kumar cleaned the road leading towards SM Kushe School and the bus shelter. Anil Kumar Attavar and other locals cleaned the road leading towards the Railway station and nearby areas. Souraj Mangalore led a group of volunteers in removing illegally put up banners, posters etc. Lecturer Prajnashree led the group of students of SM Kushe school in visiting houses of Attavar area, door to door, distributing awareness literature and appealing them to keep their surroundings clean.

Public Utility Work: People continue to litter on the roadsides at many places thus ruining the beauty of the city. Hence Volunteers of Swacch Mangaluru are taking various measures to curb this menace. The footpath in front of Attavar Centre was not being used as people used to throw garbage in that region. Some volunteers of the Abhiyan along with Ashok Subbaiah, Deepak Melanta and others removed the garbage lying on the footpath and cleaned the area. As also the footpath was getting covered by the mudslide, volunteers cleaned the area and removed the load of mud and erected a stone wall to prevent further mudslide thereby helping the pedestrians to use the footpath and public to use the bus shelter. To beautify the spot, some flower pots were also kept in the area. Efforts will also be made to bring awareness among the locals by visiting door to door and appealing them to keep the area clean. In the coming days, simple stone benches will be erected to help people sit.

Lakshman Kunder, Afzal, Satish Bhat and about 70 staff of KMC actively participated in the Abhiyan. All the volunteers were provided with tiffin at Sri Chakrapani Temple. Akshith Attavar coordinated the drive. MRPL and Nitte Group of institutions are sponsoring the drive.

Swacch Gram Abhiyan: Swacchata Abhiyan is being carried out in about 100 villages with the support of DK Zilla Panchayat. Cleanliness drives were carried out at Puttur, Manjanadi, Kayarthdaka, Atikaribettu, Someshwar, Merlapadavu, Kinya, Ullal, Mallur, Ulaibettu, Bajpe, Mennabettu, Valvadi and many other villages. Manjula, Coordinator of DK Zilla Swacch Bharath Mission, Navin Konaje and Mahesh Kolya coordinated the drives in villages.

Swami Chidambarananda (Chief Convener)
Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Convener
Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan
Tel: 9448353162 for more details

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  1. May God bless all those girls, boys, women, and men, who are motivated in keeping their city of
    Mangalore clean and free of dirt and disease, and devoting their time in Volunteering for a good cause. This example should follow in all Indian cities such as Mumbai that needs cleanliness.

    These Volunteers should be awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation and a treat in the form of a party to celebrate their efforts on behalf of the Municipality that does not carry out it’s responsibilities. The State Gov. should divert the funds collected on the Swaach Bharath
    Tax to fund the efforts of these Volunteers.

  2. This a true seva to the almighty. Let God give strength to all to behave and observe civic sense and not to litter around . I do not know how to thank these volunteers and their organisation. God bless them all.

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