KMF increases Nandini milk prices by Rs 2 a litre, second hike in less than a year

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KMF increases Nandini milk prices by Rs 2 a litre, second hike in less than a year

Close on the heels of the Karnataka government increasing the prices of petrol and diesel, the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) has decided to hike the price of milk by Rs 2 a litre. The announcement came from KMF Chairman Bhima Naik at a press conference convened in Bengaluru on Tuesday, June 25.

The cost of a litre of Nandini milk in Karnataka will now be Rs 44. The price hike will come into effect from Wednesday, June 26.

With the latest hike, the Santrupti milk sachets will be the most expensive from the KMF stable at Rs 57 a litre, followed by Samruddhi at Rs 53 a litre while the double toned milk will be the cheapest at Rs 43 a litre.

This is the second price hike in less than a year. In July 2023, the KMF had hiked the price by Rs 3 a litre. Though it had sought Rs 5 hike, the State Government had allowed a hike of Rs 3 per litre.

While dairy farmers had been unhappy over the previous hike, the decision to hike the retail price of milk came as a surprise. Defending the hike, Mr. Naik said that the KMF was providing 1,050 ml in a milk sachet sold per litre, and that Rs 2 was towards that. The KMF has refrained from increasing the price of curd and milk products that it sells in the market.

According to him, despite the price hike, the cost of milk is still cheaper in Karnataka compared to neighbouring states.

Opposition attacks government

Taking serious exception to the price hike, Leader of the Opposition in Legislative Assembly R. Ashok ridiculed that the Congress government had resorted to such a move to celebrate the anniversary of enforcing of the Emergency on the country.

In a post on X, Mr. Ashok pointed out that it was the second time milk prices had gone up in the 13-month rule of the Congress. He recalled that the milk prices had been increased by Rs 3 a litre with effect from August 1, 2023.

He accused the government of rubbing salt into the wounds of people who were already affected by the hike in prices of petrol and diesel as well as vegetables.

BJP State President B.Y. Vijayendra alleged that the Congress had lost the moral power to continue in power. He declared that the BJP would launch a struggle against the Congress till it stepped down from power.

Cost of milk per liter after the latest hike

Nandinni milk variety Revised prices:

Santrupti milk Rs 57
Samrudhi milk Rs 53
Shubham Gold Rs 51
Homogenised Shubham milk Rs 51
Shubham milk Rs 50
Special milk Rs 50
Homogenised cow’s milk Rs 48
Homogenised toned milk Rs 45
Toned milk Rs 44
Double toned milk Rs 43

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