Knowledge is future, should be converted into wealth – Nitin Gadkari

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Manipal: “Where there is a will there is a way, but where there is no will there will be only surveys, seminars, committees, discussions and many more” quoted Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Roads, Highways, Shipping and Transport. He was speaking at the 22nd Leadership Lecture hoisted by T A Pai Management Institute of Manipal at Hotel Fortune in Valley View here on March 28.

Knowledge is future and should be converted into wealth. More research will reduce cost and also improve efficiency. The research on infrastructure is vital today. Effective research will lead to innovation and reduce cost. There should be scope for research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovations are witnessed in India in every sector, he said.

“I dislike people who are honest but do not want to take decisions”, decision making is the primary factor to boost development. “Our system does not want to take decision and that too in India no one dares to take decision”. Those who don’t take decisions they cannot become experts, he said.

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“One should have faith and respect towards his team; mutual understanding is must while building a team”. “One should appreciate when his team member excels, this will boost confidence in him”.

Sharing his experience on construction of Mumbai-Pune expressway, he said that the private public partnership model was effectively involved in the construction of Mumbai-Pune expressway.

“The capital market was effectively utilized to boost finance; Ratan Tata said to me that you have become more professional than me”. The Maharashtra State Development Corporation was formulated for building of roads.

There is scope for innovation in the sector of transport. The use of bio diesel, bio CNG can reduce our imports and will be cost effective.

Research is on for the development of inland waterways. The transportation of goods through inland waterways will be effective in reducing cost. Mechanization and computerization of the port will be undertaken to boost inland waterways.

There are a lot of opportunities in construction of roads. Students should join with companies and enter into business in a joint venture and can later establish their independent business concerns.

We are planning to outsource preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report) to students, who can share their effective research oriented ideas through this platform. “One should have confidence and only then he will excel”, he added.

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