Kollur Incident Should be Caution to all Temples – DC Ibrahim

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Mangaluru: Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim held a meeting of administrators, trustees and volunteers of various temples at his office here, on March 18.

Ibrahim said, “What happened at Kollur Temple should be a word of caution to all the temple administrators. If there are any security lapses then they should be corrected, because if any incidents are reported then it will be a dent on the administrator.”


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Ibrahim said, “The problem with Kollur temple was that the work of, collection of ornaments, issuing the receipts, depositing the ornaments in vaults was overseen by the same low ranked person. This should not happen anymore. Temple administrators should take security very seriously. The collection of ornaments should be done by a person, later the collected ornaments should be recorded in a stock registry by another person and finally the ornaments should be deposited in a locker, whose key should be held by a person of higher rank in the administration. Physical verification of the temple assets should be conducted every year by the temple administrator.”

ADC Kumar suggested that CCTV should be installed and security guards should be appointed. “Police verification of security guards should be done and the security company should have a good track record,” he added.

In prior meetings all the temples were directed to install CCTV cameras but when the report was sought, a few temples were yet to install CCTV cameras in the temple premises. SP Sharanappa said, “We don’t want to hear any more excuses as many temples do not even have basic security. Decide on a deadline, abide by it and next time give us a positive report. Once you install the CCTV cameras, evaluate them from the local police.”

Ibrahim asked the temple officials to contact the fire department to seek advice from them on fire safety and installation of fire extinguishers at strategic locations. Kumar said, “When you are floating tenders follow proper guidelines so that the tenders are not rejected. When you issue tender to install lightening arresters, specify proper area you want to be covered.”

Ibrahim asked the temples to run independent audits and give the report to the government after cataloguing the assets. “The catalogues should have gross weight, net weight and value of the ornaments too. This audit is done with a focus to ensure that the money given by people is not misused,” he added. Funds will be given to temples in installments if the required funds exceed Rs 10 lakhs. “After the funds are utilized, a proper report of the work, along with the photographs should be submitted. After verification the second installment will be given,” Kumar added.

DIC Joint Director Gokuldas Nayak, DCP Shantharaj and others were also present.


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