Konkan Singers Club Bahrain Celebrates Easter

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Bahrain: Konkan Singers Club, one of the oldest expatriate Social Clubs in the kingdom of Bahrain celebrated Easter on March 31, at the Pappilon Hotel Auditorium.

MC Avinash welcomed the gathering, the programme began with an invocation by Tina, Christopher, Vanitha, Sachitha and Aurvil.

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President Walter Noronha delivered the Easter message to the members and thanked them for their wholehearted support.

A special Easter cake was cut by enthusiastic children, the entire entertainment programme was planned by the Entertainment Secretary Sujay Pinto. There were many dance numbers from the members and their talented children, Dances were choreographed by Eunice D’Souza, Vivitha, Sonia and Ajay. (Dances were performed by Lareena, Vian, Steve, Sonia, Ajay, Sujay, Roshan, Aaron and Avinash)

Aaron Franco entertained the members with his rib-tickling Mimicry, which was appreciated by all. Members had a laughter riot through 2 comedy skits “Dr Specialist” and “Kanjoos Dani” which were performed by Stany D’Souza and his team consisting of Stany, Sujay, Maxi, Avinash and Aaron)

Members had the privilege of listening to melodies songs by members, Rony Fernandes, Christopher, Tina and Sachitha. Dynamic DJ Anika Lobo provided the rocking music for the night. The entertainment programme was conducted by Avinash, Leo and Joel in a timely manner.

Three rounds of raffle draws were conducted by Leo Fernandes, as a special attraction, Joel D’Sa conducted a round of Housie game.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, General Secretary Joel D’Sa thanked everyone responsible for making the programme a successful one and appreciated the members for their support.

By Joel D’Sa, Pics by Ruben D’souza

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