Konkani Community Kuwait Holds ‘Wilfy Nite’

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Yet another milestone was achieved by the Konkani Community of Kuwait (KCK) with a successful event ‘WilfyNite’ which was planned and organized just within a span of 3 months which reaped positive unimaginable results with great selfless efforts put in by the members involved from all 4 parishes of Kuwait, who worked day and night only with one goal in mind, which was focused totally on the success of the event.

Every active member of each parish joined hands and gave their very best in whatever way possible which resulted in a houseful show which indeed was appreciated not only by the visiting artists of ‘WilfyNite’ but also the entire Konkani Community of Kuwait.

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All the various groups which had been given the responsibility of roping in local singers, local joke artists, local choreographers, etc., were so cooperative with each other and integrated and aligned themselves with the visiting artists, which cannot be explained in just a few words.

Great efforts were put in by the media to display the advertisement and sponsorship material which was handled by Steven Misquith. Stage arrangements were done by James Paul from Unique events. Sound and lights were provided by Anand and team from Waves Events. Food arrangements and voluntary work were handled by Norbert D’Souza.

May KCK prosper and organize more events as and when possible, all for the betterment of the church and for the unity of its faithful. any photographs. Kindly email the same.

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