Konkani Speaking People are Highly Enterprising – Chandra Sekhar During Konkani Lokotsava

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Konkani Speaking People are Highly Enterprising – Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar During Konkani Lokotsava

Mangaluru: The three-day Konkani Lokotsava, a festival of Konkani Cultural extravaganza was inaugurated at the Town Hall premises here on February 10.

Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar along with Mayor Harinath inaugurated the Konkani Lokotsava Exhibition by filling unhusked rice in a large pot.

The three-day Konkani Lokotsava began with three songs from 82 singers composed by senior Singers Eric Ozario and Vasanti R Nayak followed by the welcome dance. President of Konkani Sahitya Academy Roy Castelino welcomed the gathering.

The programme was inaugurated by the Mayor of Mangaluru Harinath by unveiling the drum wrapped with 152 Ribbons.

Addressing the gathering Mayor Harinath wished the Konkani Lokotsava in Konkani and said, “It is a happy occasion to be part of the Konkani Lokotsava. It is a great festival for the Konkani community. India has Unity in diversity and the Konkani speaking people have contributed a lot to the country. The Konkani community has contributed tremendously to nation building. There is a saying, “If Konkani community people plant a sapling wherever, it will bear fruit”. Mayor Harinath wished the Academy all the success for the Lokotsava.

The book “Aaj Takha Phalya Tuka” authored by Catherine Rodrigues Katapadi was released by Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar and president of Kannada Sahitya Academy Pradeep Kumar Kalkura released Bharatachya Sutke Zujanth Sriyo by Gladis Quadros on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Pradeep Kumar Kalkura said, “Two years ago, people were addicted to facebook, WhatsApp and other social media we had the fear of losing our tradition and culture. But the Konkani Sahitya Academy has proved that the facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media cannot take away the tradition and culture which is hereditary. God has created everyone equally, some people have superiority or inferiority complex which should be removed.” Pradeep Kalkura urged the people to support the artistes like the tiger dancers who visit our homes during Dasara and carol singers who visit during Christmas.

Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar speaking on the occasion said, “I am very happy to be part of this programme. Konkani speaking people are in 5 states such as Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharastra and Gujrat. People from so many states and so many castes, communities and religions have gathered here for the programme which is a happy moment. After attending this programme I feel sad because I am a Telugu speaking person, 2 1/2 years ago we had a misunderstanding in our state based on the region and our state was divided into two states. After seeing your unity I felt sad. This is a great achievement which you have retained for centuries. If our people take 10 percent of your spirit, I hope our people can live in unity.”

Chandra Sekhar further said, “Konkani speaking people have very good quality, 99% of the Konkani speaking people have a pleasant personality. If other people fight with them they will adjust with them and maintain calm making the opposite party to cool down. It is a great quality, where, in spite of provocation Konkani speaking people maintain their calm. I do not know how they manage, whether it comes in culture or language. The best quality I have seen in the Konkani speaking people is that they are highly enterprising, any work they do, they do it perfectly and ensure that they reach the top. They do not fight for silly reasons, they have good and noble qualities. Only with such qualities, people can come up in life. Whoever works hard and maintains calm they will prosper. This is a good opportunity for us and an eye opener. Basti Vaman Shenoy is a Godly man and whenever he comes to our chamber the entire environment becomes calm. He brings calmness and there is peace. I am very much touched by this programme and I wish all the success and peace for all of you and others as well.”

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