Krishna, Poojary’s Statements Audacious, Says Congress Leader

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Krishna, Poojary’s Statements Audacious, Says Congress Leader

Udupi: In a media release, Ganesh Raj Saralebettu, block Congress joint secretary, has severely criticized the recent utterances of former chief minister S M Krishna and former Union minister Janardhana Poojary.

He has said that Krishna had enjoyed power as the minister of external affairs, but very soon he fell from grace because of unimpressive performance. Now all of a sudden he had begun praising prime minister Modi.


The Congress leader added that he would not be surprised if Krishna, with the backing of Shri Pejavar Swamiji, would join the BJP.

On the other hand, Poojary, a senior leader, instead of rejuvenating the party, had been spending all his time in running down his own party leaders. Hence he considered the utterances of both the leaders audacious.

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  1. This proves what I have been saying all along – Congress(I) is a modern day cult. Every political party seems to have its own share of corrupt and cronies. What makes Congress(I) different is it shameless dynasty politics, minority-worshiping and reckless ‘vote bank’ politics even if it means compromising on national security areas as we all saw in case of JNU incident or Kashmir valley protests. Remember, Prince Raul and congress cronies all over the place including this forum were supporting ‘paakistan zindaabad; crowd ?

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