KSA: Karavali Welfare Association Riyadh Holds Annual Sports meet

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KSA: KWAR (Karavali Welfare Association Riyadh) held their Annual Premium Sports meet here on February 8. This year for a change KWAR adopted to conduct Traditional Karavali Games Such as Lagori, Kabaddi, Coconut game, Kutti-Donne, breaking the pot, Bicycle Tyre relay, Tug of War, along with Shot Put, and other fun games.




The event gathered momentum as soon as KWAR President Rajesh Kumar declared the Games Open with his Inaugural Speech. Teams were divided into 4 Groups to compete in all the Games.

The following Teams participated:

The Yellow Saffron Lead by Deepak Shetty
The Red Chilies Lead by Muzaffer Ali
The Green Brigade Lead by Ramesh Shetty
The Blue Berries Lead by Yathiraj Malpe

Each Team competed with Great Team Spirit in all the events. It was a real treat to watch the traditional Coconut game in which a total number of 40 members participated. The ultimate Winner of this game was The Green Brigade and The Yellow Saffron managed to sneak the 2nd position.

The real attraction was the Bicycle tyre Relay which really brought back everyone’s childhood memory to the fore. The tough competition won by the Aggressive “Red Chilies” and the Green Brigades were not too far behind as they managed to get the runners up.

The Game of Lagori was a Thrilling event fought between all the four Rival teams but the ultimate gold winners were undoubtedly the Green Brigade with the ever Enthusiastic Red Chilies bagging the silver crown.

The Crowd was on its feet when the game of Kabaddi played between the two strong Teams the Red Chillies and the Green Brigade, Both fought with great spirit, and it was a tough task for Referee Chandra to control the aggressiveness of both the teams in this keenly contested game. The Team crown was won by The Green Brigade and The Red Chilies were the second Best.

Another Crowd enthralling game of Tug of war was the master stroke of the day. It was a game
Which the Blue Berries tried all the tricks in the book, the ultimate winners were the 7 strong men from The Green Brigade.

In the final team event, The Blue berries managed to win the Fun game of Circling the Cone, with The Red chilies managing to overcome a few lapses to win the second position.

Individual Games for the Team members were well participated by all the teams with the major attraction of these individual game being the Kutti-Donne, Breaking the Pot and Shot-Put.

In the Kutti-Donne Event Jagdish Shetty won the first Prize breaking the heart of Deepak Shetty. It was a real Thriller for the Cheering Crowds and supporters of all the four teams.

In the Shot-put event, Ashraf of The green Brigade won the Gold, Suraj Shetty of The green Brigade won the 2nd and third position was won by Nagaraj Bajal.

The Last of Individual event, and one of the Major attraction of the Traditional Sports Day was the Pot Breaking Competition. Aziz Ahmed of Red Chillies won the Gold and Suraj Shetty of The Green Brigade won the Silver.

The overall Champions were the well deserved “The Green Brigade” lead by Ramesh Shetty and the Runners Up were The Red Chillies. The Man of the Sports Day was Ashraf of The Green Brigades and the Runner up Nagaraj Bajal, both were the Key players in their respective Teams.

All the winners were awarded with medals and Trophies, by KWAR President Rajesh Kumar, Vice President Santhosh Shetty, Gen Secretary Nazeer Ahmed and other members of KWAR managing Committee.

KWAR Cultural Secretary P M Bhasker delivered the vote of thanks.

Meanwhile, Karavali Ladies Wing held its Sports Day exclusively for women and children. Anita Eric D’Sa, Sports Secretary, welcomed the members and guests to the event. Vice President Amitha Prabhu, along with office bearers Anita Eric D’Sa- Sports Secretary, Nazia Nazeer-Gen. Secretary, Rajeshwari Yathiraj-Treasurer, Rithika Rajeev Kamath-Cultural Secretary, Shaguftha Nauman, Cultural Secretary and Smitha Shashidar Haridas-Coordinator lit the traditional lamp.

After the formal ceremony it was time for fun in the Sun and the cool breeze energized the day’s proceedings.

Children were on their toes with plenty of games such as Lemon and Spoon race, Kangaroo race, Aiming the ball into the bucket, Fetching the balls, Balloon chasing and many more.

Four color teams were formed, the respective teams grouped and marched ‘Olympic Style’, with their color flags as part of the inaugural ceremony led by their Captain.

Games were conducted by Amitha Prabhu and Anita Eric D’Sa
Many indoor and spot games were also organized for all the children and ladies. The day ended well past sunset and it could be seen from the smiling and cheerful faces that this day will be remembered for a long time.

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