KSRTC to extend its Fleet to interior Rural Areas – Ramalinga Reddy

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KSRTC to extend its Fleet to interior Rural Areas – Ramalinga Reddy

Udupi: The rural fleet of KSRTC buses will be extended to the interior routes said Minister for Transport Ramalinga Reddy after inaugurating the newly built bus depot of JNURM city service at Nittur.

The demand for hi-tech bus stand in Udupi will be fulfilled, the officials have been directed to draft a conclusive plan for the construction of a new bus stand. The JNURM bus stand will be constructed in a year.

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KSRTC has been primarily focussing on the improvisation of its existing fleet and also modernizing bus depots and bus stands. KSRTC has appointed 5846 staff to its fleet and another 4346 new appointments will be made.

The officials are directed to hold public grievance meet once in three months to address the issues of passengers, he added.

Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister for Fisheries, Sports and Youth Affairs said that a truck lay-by-bay was proposed in the newly built depot but after holding series of meetings the land was transferred to the KSRTC. With the efforts of CM Siddaramaiah and the PWD Minister, the 3-acre land belonging to the PWD department has been transferred to KSRTC department for the construction of a new bus stand. The proposal for transferring the PWD land to KSRTC was rejected by the former CM’s but CM Siddaramaiah has cleared the requisite by transferring the land to KSRTC. KSRTC should introduce its fleet to rural areas in Udupi district, he added.

Rajender Kumar Kataria IAS, Managing Director of KSRTC in his keynote address said that amid opposition the KSRTC has launched its city service. If people support KSRTC in the coming days more buses will be added to the city and rural service. KSRTC has trained the drivers and staff and its buses are equipped with modern facilities, he added.

TP President Nalini Pradeep Rao, Udupi Town Development Authority President Narasimha Murthy, President of Minorities Development Corporation MA Gafoor and others were present.


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    1. The present location at the Udupi City Bus Stand is not suitable, unless:
    a. The location has an ENTRY and an EXIT point at each end on the Main road
    b. The location must be fenced and 24 x 7 security must be available, as these
    labourers from Bagallkot and Bijapur, who frequent the Bar that is at the side
    does roaring business selling liquor to all the drunkards, are found there, in large
    groups, sitting or laying drunk on the pavement and at the present bus station
    location, especially in the evening hours.
    In fact, the police must keep the Bus Station area clear of all these labourers
    and their 2-wheelers and their illegal business of all sorts on the pavements
    opposite the City Bus Stand. It’s so disgusting to note that the people in authority
    do not notice this, and as well do nothing about it despite of complaints.
    c. The buses must have destination boards in English too – at present they are
    only in Kannada. Most people do not read Kannada, and the conductor is seen
    shouting MALPE, MALPE, like the private operators – this shouting should cease.
    d. Drunkards, Fisherfolks, Beggars, and Labourers with baskets and farm implements
    must not be allowed in the bus.
    e. The doors of the bus must be closed whilst the bus is in motion – at present
    they are left wide open.
    f. Proper covered bus stops must be installed at every 1Km, and drunkards and
    homeless men must be arrested and locked up if they are found sleeping in the
    bus stops. At present there are none along the routes, with the exception of a
    very few in Udupi town.
    g. KSRTC must have 15min. intervals between each bus and not 1 hour and above
    that is being maintained now – if it wants to stay in business to compete with private
    operators, who ply a bus to Malpe Beach every 10 minutes and to Manipal every 3
    h. Lastly KSRTC drivers, conductors, and KSRTC buses and premises must be supervised
    at all times – to operate as a leading government bus operator, and not some third class6
    local private bus operator.

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