Kudla Lad Chandan Suresh enters India Book of Records for his Paper Cutting Portraits

Kudla Lad Chandan Suresh enters India Book of Records for his Paper Cutting Portraits

Mangaluru: Whether it’s Greek sculpture or Renaissance paintings, paper cutting might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word “art.” But locally here in Mangaluru, the work of a 22-year-young man, originally from Tumkur, Chandan Suresh, might just change that. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Besant Evening College, Mangaluru, Chandan has “stumbled across” paper cutting, and it has now been his passion from one year. Inspired by renowned people, nature and surroundings, He allows emotion to guide him as he carefully crafts each new work of art, permitting them all to be one-of-a-kind. Amazingly, each piece is cut by hand, and can take anywhere between few minutes and few hours to create.

Recently Chandan’s artistic talent was appreciated and complimented by PM Narendra Modi, that the PM had personally sent him a certificate of appreciation from New Delhi. And last month he was entered into the India Book of Records for his artistic achievements. Until now, he has created around 400 lifelike portraits in just 150 days using ONLY chart papers and a blade, which resulted in making him reach among top 100 artists which saw over 13,000 participants from five countries, namely-India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nepal. He has also earned the title of “Privileged Record Holder of 2019.

Each complex design is a testament to Chandan’s expert skill and admirable patience, not to mention his steady hand. Each of his paper silhouette is inspired by a thought behind it.. No matter what kind of art he has created, Chandan manages to include an awe-inspiring amount of detail. Having practiced his craft for quite sometime, this Kudla paper cutting artist is truly a master. The talented artist creates intricate inspired illustrations hand-cut from single pieces of white paper. “There is nothing as ordinary as a blank sheet of white chart paper against a black chart paper,” says Chandan. “But it has so many possibilities.”

In one year, Chandan has 600 plus realistic paper stencil portraits that he has created including people who have been in the field of politics, freedom fighters, cinema, sports, among others. And the unique feature and talent of Chandan is that while other artists across the country who are also in that art field, but in the case of Chandan he can do a live portrait on a canvas in a maximum of four minutes, thus making him the only artist in Karnataka State and the second artist in India to be performing such a live art. Chandan received International Award at Award Nights Programme in Bophal on March 15th, 2019 with a title “Indian Privileged Record Holder of 2019”.

Born in Tumkur, but from the past 10 years Chandan has been living in Mangaluru, to pursue his education. Coming from a family of seven members, his dad T R Suresh is APMC Director in Tumkur, while his other, GR Savitha, is a House Maker, joined by his Uncle, Aunt and their 2 daughters. Chandan started his journey in Mangaluru at Swaroopa Research Centre. Under renowned person Gopadkar Swaroopa, when he was in 9th Standard, Swaroopa Research Centre gave him Alternative Method Of Education, where they not only teach from six text books, but taught them Mime, dance, Art, Yakshagana, Singing, instruments, Magic, and much more.

“I learnt Yakshagana, Magic, Mime, Art etc and continued in Art Field. Prior to that I used to do Quillling Paper Art Works, Which is Theme based. After 10th I joined Canara College for my PUC, and after PUC joined Besant Evening College for my B Cz graduation, and during morning time I am preparing for my Civil Service Examinations, since I have a Dream to be Civil Service Officer. When I was in 1st Year Graduation, I used to paint normal paintings, like Acrylic Etc, While I was doing that I always used to think, why not start something different, so I could stand out of the Box. Because of that thinking, I stepped into the art of Paper Cuttings Portraits” said Chandan.

Added to his credits other than the ‘India Book of Records’ recognition, Chandan Suresh is also featured in the ‘Asia Book of Records’; ‘Limca Book of World Records’; and ‘Kalam Book of Records’, among others. And it is nice to note that Chandan had gifted PM Narendra Modi his silhouette portrait during his visit to Mangaluru in May 2018. And for Chandan’s kind gesture, PM had personally sent him an appreciation certificate from New Delhi. And now due to all his achievements, well-wishers and art connoisseurs have come forward to lend their support so Chandan makes into the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I get asked a lot why I spend all that time cutting them out instead of using a computer, but to me that’s the difference between a product and a piece of art, it is a one off,” the artist told Team Mangalorean. We recently caught up with Chandan Suresh to find out more about his inspiration and processes, and following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview:

Q: What first inspired you to start working with paper?

What made me inspire in the sense, is that before I used to do normal painting, but my intention was to start something new in art, so that it should be unique and that everyone should like it. And because on my thinking and creativity, which I learned and earned at Swaroopa Research Center, I came out with this unique paper cuttings which no one knows about it. Came Out with Paper Cuttings Which No one Knows About it. When I first started, apart from being drawn immediately to it from an aesthetic point of view, it was the practicality of it!

Q: Can you describe your process for each piece?

First I started my paper stencil portrait of Sachin Tendulkar’s on his Birthday, in order to tweet him, and I also posted that picture in Facebook, which received lots of appreciation from my FB friends. Many complimented saying that my art was unique and they’re seeing it for the first time. Such compliments gave me more boosting, energy and motivation to move on, and I continued doing what I was doing with no looking back- and my efforts worked wonders. When I started, I used to do 5 to 7 Portraits in a Day, which made me to enter into India Book of Records.

My work is usually quite vague when I start. I will have a detail or a general idea of what I want to create. I will draw a loose outline in pencil and then I will start adding detail as I cut. I often figure out the full composition as I am working on it, so it changes a lot before its finished, as I move things or add things into the image. I cut the detail in sections using a sharp blade.

Q: Many of your works are incredibly complex. What drives you to keep going until the last tiny incision?

For me, the process of making the artwork is as important as the finished piece. It’s a very meditative process and one which I very much enjoy. Due to the fact that it is so delicate, I make sure it is done right, and so it has to be something you enjoy doing!

Q: Do you have any advice for those who want to take up paper-cutting art?

People if you are impressed about this kind of art, and are willing to take up the hobby, you can definitely do it. Just think of creativity and keep some targets. When you display your art at an exhibition etc and when media highlights it as unique, new and different, you get thrilled when others also like it. Once if you start this art, don’t give up in the middle. Make sure you are working in a well-lit area. Most of all, just enjoy it. It’s a very enjoyable pastime! If you aren’t ready to start designing your own pieces, you can take help from me

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects or exhibitions you’d like to share?

My upcoming projects are basically doing Paper Cuttings Portraits, after bunch of them were recorded in India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Kalam Books of Records, and I have recently sent my entry to Guinness Book of World Records, which I am anxiously waiting for their reply.

Q: What’s your motto in life? Do you want to keep this art as a hobby or you want to make it a career for living?

As I am preparing for Civil Service Examination, I want to become an IAS officer. Also from first I had love towards Art, and I made it a hobby and now I am a professional in it. Once I complete my exams, I will spend more time and continue on Art for future purpose, as a hobby and also as a career, along with my academic profession.

Q: Who is your inspiration in life and why do you owe it to that person?

My inspiration has been my Father Always, because He is very passionate and very strong in his work. Once he starts doing something he won’t quit in the middle, no matter what. He is also a dedicated and committed person- and I have followed in his footsteps, and consider him as my inspiration.

Kudla Lad Chandan Suresh enters India Book of Records for his Paper Cutting Portraits

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Team Mangalorean wishes Chandan Suresh all success in his future endeavours, and wish him luck to be entered into Guinness Book of World Records

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