Kudla Lass Juhi Baldev Aspiring to become a Supermodel at age 18

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  • “The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.” -Supermodel Karl Lagerfeld
  • “On Modeling: It’s harder than you think it is … It’s a lot of long hours, a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from your friends and family.”- Supermodel Caroline Trentini

Mangaluru: She is just 18 years old, young and talented, attractive, and she is an upcoming model who is aiming big at becoming a supermodel – she is none other than Juhi Kamlesh Baldev of Mangaluru, who is the prospective brand Ambassador for Bharathi Jewellery- Bengaluru. I had the opportunity to meet Juhi at her residence in Alake-Mangaluru, when she had come down to visit her grandma and parents. Before she wanted to go further with the interview, Juhi wanted to thank her ad company “Future Ads” based in Bengaluru for her success and achievements in her modelling career.

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Indian models are not just faces strutting down the runway today. They have become much more than people who represent the vision of the designer. Today, a model is a brand in herself and represents the fashion fraternity as a whole. Juhi has not only been the queen of the ramp for years, she is also a pretty good dancer, and her warm complexion, blessed looks and potential is her biggest assets. Her knack for being passionately different from others has led her to the top of her game.

This young Kudla beauty has been a prominent face on the ramp and dance stage for many years. She is a good dancer, but her first love remains modelling and fashion lovers will never complain. Her beautiful complexion commands admiration whenever she struts down the ramp or main stage.Till date, her presence at any show adds class to it. Her magnanimous presence at the ramp overshadows all others. Modelling or dancing, Juhi knows how to do it the best.

Juhi Kamlesh Baldev, is the grand-daughter of HM Baldev and Devika Baldev, and daughter of Kamlesh and Komal Baldev, hailing from Alake-Mangaluru. Born here on 9/5/1996, Juhi had her early schooling at St Agnes School-Mangaluru, and then did her PUC at St Aloysius College-Mangaluru- and presently she is pursuing her studies in Journalism at Shri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College-Bengaluru.

Since childhood, Juhi was very much into dancing, fashion and many other co-curricular activities. She was a student of “Ocean Kids” dance studio, Mangalore Excellent Dance Academy, and also a student of classical dance teacher, Mrs Uma Natyashree. She has taken part in various contests/co-curricular activities such as Fashion Shows, State Level Dance/princess and Photo Contests.

Looking back into her achievements, Juhi has been dancing and modelling ever since she was two years old, and has appeared in 5 TV ads and has won 14 State Level dance awards. In 1998, she had won the State level “Baby Photo Contest” conducted by Udayavani kannada daily, and also won state level ChildrenPcontest conducted by Jana Vahini. She was also adjudged first prize winner in “Fantasia ” Fashion show held at Bejai Church Hall-Mangaluru; won “Jaycees Princess of Mangalore 2000-2001” organised by Junior Chamber at Town Hall-Mangaluru;

Juhi had also performed with Super-Model Ananya Dutt of Mumbai, with MTV star Devang Patel, at Usha Uthup Nite 2004, with Kannada Cine actress ‘Ruchita Prasad’, Kannada cine actor ‘Sachin’, Cine actor ‘Shivadwaj’ for ‘Shubham’ movie release, and with Hindi film star Bhavna Rani of Mumbai. She has also performed for the Vasundhara Das Music Concert. Juhi has won the “All India Femina dream for My daughter” contest-national level, she has been awarded for the Indian Leprosy Foundation Service at Bengaluru, also performed for Zee Music at Mumbai.

Juhi Baldev had appeared for the dance audition conducted by Bangalore Doordarshan, and was selected for the Bangalore Doordarshan’s Chandanotsava live telecast on ‘Chandana Channel telecast in 58 countries on 11/6/2006. She has also been on the cover of Kannada magazine “Taranga”, and was honored by the Rotary District Governor in March 2004, and honored by the MCC Mayor at Town Hall-Mangaluru. She was also on the cover page of Mangalore Mega Directory 2003-2004, Air Voice for Radio Ahmedabad; Fashion modelling photo shoot at Bangalore Central. Juhi was also featured in a article that appeared on 6/2/2015 in ‘Deccan Chronicle’-Bengaluru, for a matter presentation as a model for on-line studies.


Juhi lately had a fashion show and product launch at Bangalore on 14 February 2015 for Nisargalaya Hair Products, and also at product launch in Bangalore on 14 March 2015 for Bharathi Jewellery-Bangalore. She has to her credit over hundred stage shows of dance, state level awards, fashion shows, modelling and three honors. Following are the excerpts from the interview with Juhi Baldev:

Q : Who inspired you or was it your own decision to take up modelling?

It was my own decision along with parental support. Since my tender age I had a passion for fashion and modelling, and I was very much interested in them. It’ s a dream come true that I have achieved what I was expecting.

Q : Who is your role model and why ?

Don’t have a specific role model, but I admire some of the qualities of the supermodels and try to follow in their footsteps for a successful career in modelling.

Q : What are the three words to describe yourself?

Straight forward, Stylish, and Honest.

Q : What would you like to achieve as a model in the coming years?

Fame and money.

Q : How would you describe your style of modelling?

Fashion shows, ads and anything of that sort.

Q :  What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’m just going with the flow. What I say to myself everyday even now is: Do your best, and leave the rest to God. There will be times when you fail, that comes to all of us, and you can’t let that get you down. It’s important to have a dream, to follow that dream and work really hard for it. And then to accept whatever the outcome is.

Q : What is the rewarding part being a model?

Popularity, Fame, Money.- and you make many new friends in the model industry. It’s a rewarding profession if you succeed.

Q : If you get a well paid offer for lingerie modelling would you accept it?

Absolutely NO ! I would rather quit modelling than accept such kind of offer.

Q : Other than keeping yourself busy at College and modelling, what else do you spend time on?

Music, lots of shopping at malls and elsewhere, and exercise at the gym

Q : Other than being a model, what are profession would you like to take up?

I am doing studies in journalism, so I am looking forward to be a journalist

Q : Which male Bollywood actor do you have crush on and why?

Varun Dhawan, and for many reasons, too long to explain.


Q : I see you have a lot of positive energy. Where does it come from? Who or what inspires you?

My parents, no doubt about it. They have supported my activities since my early age, and even now they are very supportive and encourage me in every venture I show interest.

Q : What is your advise to young damsels who are looking forward to be models?

I would ask my younger generation to go ahead, as far as they are not alone and they have a good family support. Have the courage to accept your new modelling career and change the things  you can, the serenity to accept what you can’t, and the wisdom to recognize and accept the difference.

Team Mangalorean wishes Juhi Kamlesh Baldev all success in her modelling career.

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  1. Great going Juhi, may the Almighty bless you with all that you deserve and much more. Like Father Like Daughter 🙂

  2. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
    congratulations juhi

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