Kudla Revelers Enjoyed the Best Spook-tacular & Fang-tastic ‘Halloween Bash-2019’

Kudla Revelers Enjoyed the Best Spook-tacular & Fang-tastic ‘Halloween Bash-2019’

 Mangaluru : Seems like the American Halloween Fever has invaded the Mangaluru City by storm. The Vampires were out of their Coffins- The Corpses were out of their graves. And to get the scare out, hundreds of party animals gathered at Two of the CRAZIEST and WACKIEST PARTY places in town, the “Onyx Lounge” on M G Road, and ‘Retox Lounge’ on Balmatta Road to meet the goblins, on the Scariest night of 31 October. The crowd enjoyed a spook-tacular night- and Halloween was here to send a chill down your spine and both the Lounges celebrated the spirit of Halloween like never before with costumes and decor all dedicated to the theme of eerie Halloween, making it the scariest night of their life. Onyx was totally packed with revelers, where there was hardly an inch left to move your body around.

To keep the party in a theme-full and spirit-full action the bartender mixed some special Halloween drinks like Zombie; Black Mamba; Dracula’s Blood; Wild Widow; and Shooters like- Black Widow; Vampire Blood; Ghost Heart; Spider Cob; From the Grave etc. Spooky, creepy, dark, ghoulish, goblins, ghosts – those are the first words that come to mind when we hear someone say “Halloween”. The Western Halloween Party craze did take Kudla by storm, where it is the perfect occasion to dress up, go out and have some fun.Ghosts and goblins, witches on broomsticks, pumpkins, candy and spiderwebs…and that’s Halloween-which occurs annually on October 31, and the local party lovers couldn’t wait to celebrate it with a bang, and they picked these two Lounges, among the rest- being the Best and Much
happening Lounges in Town. Period!

Indeed it was a Nightmare on Balmatta Road and M G Road, at these Lounges! – Simply Fang-tastic and Spook-tacular ” Halloween Bash ” -that was it ! Dare for a Halloween Scare – and that’s what exactly the jam-packed party revelers did. The night was filled with the queerest cocktails, food and all things eerie. Young and young-at-heart came attired with their favourite spooky and even sexy character, to win the wackiest male and female costumes cool prizes. The night was full of fright, fun, and music, but to all those ” party-poopers”, all I can say, “you missed one helluva party of the season”. Halloween was in the air, and it was one of a kind Halloween Party !

The Dj’s at both the joints belted out some of best EDM, Rock, Rap, Pop, techno numbers, also adding a masala of Bollywood hits, which kept the crowd grooving and shaking on the dance floor. Also spinning foot-tapping electro, progressive and spooky tunes. Halloween in India, unlike USA is strictly a grown up affair. One would never find kids here trick-or-treating in the city’s bustling streets and even if they did, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that it will only lead to a long, solid scolding from the neighborhood’s not-so-friendly Mary Bai or Laxmi Akka? Keeping this in mind, perhaps the only way one could think of a safe and fun Halloween was by going to a Lounge/Bar’, where the revelers embraced their quirks.

Both the lounges had it all to keep the crowd going all night long as they prepared to frighten the lost souls of the night. Some of the patrons looked their best in creepiest costumes. With both the Dj’s spinning the best of Tracks, and what not, all night through with yummy starters, eye catchy ambiance and flashy led lights all around, the revelers did spend an evening with friends and family for a gig with the right dose of clubbing experience with Theme Decor, Goodies and much more. Everyone loves Halloween! It’s the one time of the year when you can wear ripped clothes with blood spilling down your front and not be thrown out by a burly bouncer- and that’s exactly what the revelers did on the Halloween Night here.

The Lounges had a great setup to make this Halloween Party of 2019 remember-able – and the revelers got together with their friends, companions to experience something unique- and they all felt that the Party was worth the money, filled with fun, frolic and off course, pulsating music. Revelers were seen getting crazy with their funny spooky costume, and they had all either floated or crawled over to these Lounges to enjoy the eclectic, captivating and chilling Halloween costume parties in Mangaluru. They had all dressed- up as whatever they liked, for this was the only night where it was normal to dress up in not-so-normal costumes like witches, ghosts and fictional characters.

Both venues were turned into a Spooky and Creepy lounges for one nite only filled with loads of Surprises! Both lounges were the places of sheer class and grandeur, with lots of music, dance, food and masti- and were the best ever way to celebrate this Halloween Night 2019. Cheers, until we see you back again for Halloween Bash 2020!