Kundapur: 28-year-old Gratian Baretto from Kodi Goes Missing

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Kundapur: A 28-year-old Gratian Baretto from Kodi has been missing since March 12.

A complaint to this effect has been filed by his brother Archie Baretto, at the Kundapur police station. He has not been seen since March 12. On March 12, Gratian informed his family members and went to Kerala for the retreat.


Gratian had worked abroad for two years and returned. After spending some months at Kundapur, he had gone to Bengaluru where he worked for 3 months. From last 2 years he was unemployed.  Enquiries made with the authorities in Kerala, relatives and acquaintances about his whereabouts did not bear any fruit.

Anyone spotting him may please contact the Kundapur police station on Tel: 08254-230338 or Cell no: 9480805455

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