Kundapur: 560 Natha Panth Sages and Saints Arrive at Yadamoge

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Kundapur: 560 sages of Natha panth arrived at Yadamoge village in the Kodachadri mountain range.

Sages visit the Halavari Math once every twelve years. They start their journey from Trimbakeshwar at Nashik in Uttar Pradesh and then arrive to Halavari Math situated at Yadamoge village in the Kodachadri mountain range.

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The team of sages and saints started their journey from Nashik on August 15, 2015, by walk, they reached Belagavi on January 24, 2016. They arrived to Yadamoge on Thursday, 18 February from Hosangadi in Kundapur.

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The 560 sages and saints 17-70 years of age have commuted via walking 1740 kilometers. The team consists of sages of Natha Panth, babas, saints and other mantriks. The team of sages of Natha Panth is headed by Nirmalnathji, who says that the Yathra is for the welfare of the society.

Sages and saints commute 40-50 kilometers a day on foot. The team left from Badanginath temple in Belagavi and then Yadamoge through Yellapur, Sirsi, Chandragutti, Soraba and Hosanagar. They will leave to Kadri, Mangaluru on February 20 and reach there on February 26.

We have dedicated our life to lord Shiva, our main goal is to spread the teachings of Gorakshanatha and Navanathas message. There is lack of information on Natha Panth among the common public, once in twelve years the Yathra begins to Mangaluru from Nashik to commemorate relief from the curse of Prashurama. “While our Yathra reaches our Maths, the peetha is acclaimed along with performing of other rituals. Halavari Math has a history of 1100 years,” says baba Karnathji.

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A dog called Bhairavanath follows the team. Bhairavanath has started following the team from Belagavi. A friendly companion to the sages and saints, the dog consumes only milk and nothing else.

The Halavari Math is geared up for the rituals and acclaiming of the peetha. The sages will reside at Halavari Math and will perform rituals. On, February 19, the custodian or peethadipathi will be appointed. The present sage Yogiphir Jagadishnathji is serving in the temple.

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