Kundapur: After ‘Bear’ing Their Faces a Few Times, Wild Visitors Go into Hiding

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Kundapur: About a month ago, they hit the headlines. The residents found it hard to ‘bear’ the shock, out of sheer disbelief.

A single bear, often accompanied by a cub, made its appearance close to the populated areas in Alur and adjacent places in the taluk. Whether there are more of their breed lurking around is not known.

Although bears would attack only when they feel insecure or threatened, there is not much of awareness among the people about their behavioural pattern.


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Women who had gone to gather foliage or firewood had spotted a bear sitting atop a tree and had come home running out of panic.

Children had stopped attending the school for some days. Most of the time, they were accompanied by parents on the way to and from the school to protect them.

Forest officials had arrived and inspected the spot. There were a few anthills, a favourite target of bears, which are known to be traditional ant-eaters.

Subsequently the monsoons hit the district. This may have dampened the anthills making it difficult for the bears to pull out the ants. Honey is another food relished by them.

Apparently they are taking shelter in deep woods as movement during rains is difficult for them. If the rain takes a break, they are likely to resurface in the area in search of food.

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