Kundapur: World’s First Eco-Friendly Green Mosque all set for inauguration in Kodi

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Kundapur: Badriya Juma Masjid in Kodi, Kundapur, Udupi district, the world’s first “ZERO Energy” Eco Friendly Green Mosque is all set to be inaugurated on January 15.

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The Mosque Pioneered by the Bearys Group who are passionate about sustainable developments, the Mosque design is an evolution in Islamic architecture integrating epitomized sustainable technologies.

An important feature of this green marvel is that its entire energy requirement is met through hybrid renewable energy, both wind & solar. At a time when the world is passing through Climate Change Crisis, it demonstrates how sustainable developments can help in mitigating global warming. The Mosque also presents a modern face of Islam aiming to promote harmony among all communities. A list of its unique features is attached.

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It is our little contribution in India’s march towards Sustainable Development says Syed Mohamed Beary of Bearys Group and we hope that the Mosque will become a holistic place of worship where people from all over the world will come and pray and find true solace.

Unique Features of Badriya Jum’a Masjid

Cooling of the building has been achieved by using elements of nature. The building orientation minimizes solar heat gain. The L shaped building plan and elevated nature of prayer hall, green vegetation & water tanks around it offer a naturally cooled environment.

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Solar heat reflecting terrace floor laid with white china mosaics & fitted with turbo vents not only keeps the prayer space cool but also reduces warming of local micro climate.

It is practically an open envelope and non-conducting Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Jallis with over 50% openings, maximize natural ventilation and supplement the design effort to reduce heat gain.

Natural cooling of the building is accentuated by the wind scoop on 70 feet multifunctional Minaret (from where the Azan, the call for prayer is given) which forces down draft of cool breeze into the prayer hall and also supports the tower structure of wind turbine mounted atop it.

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Use of Hybrid Renewable Energy i.e. wind & solar in the Mosque will produce more energy than used by the Mosque, thus feeding energy to state grid and accruing (CER) Credits for next 25 years.

Utilized local resources on the principle of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Regenerate” and is equipped with “Pressmatic” TOTO water fixtures to conserve precious water.

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  1. Good. New Mosques even in small towns show how sanaathana Bharatha continues to be a very tolerant as opposed to the lies put out by dishonest individuals in politics, media, entertainment and regressive groups.

  2. Joker Praveena Pinto has reading challenges. I wrote sanaathana, not santaana!! Also, he clearly doesn’t know what the term ‘regressive’ stands for. In today’s political discourse, the term ‘regressive left’ is used to refer to certain types of groups. As usual, he uses this term in a wrong way without even know what it stands for!! LOL

    Hint: Read more about Majeed Nawaaz or Sam Harris. This may help you understand these things better!! LOL

    • I wrote sanaathana, not santaana!! Also, he clearly doesn’t know what the term ‘regressive’ stands for. In today’s political discourse, the term ‘regressive left’ is used to refer to certain types of groups. – Maha Joker Murudeshwara Rampai

      Lol! After yammering incessantly about his beloved Murudeshwara (I wonder why nobody gave him some Nobel Prize… don’t ask me for what exactly) he now proceeds to explain the political epithet “regressive left/groups” to me.

      And hey, aren’t YOU the same chap who ACTUALLY believes that an idiom must be qualified? Eg: Remember when your comrade TJ Abru said something about some 200 packets of Biryani for Muslims and some 20 packets for Christians and I pointed out to you that a figure is definitely NOT needed?

      God alone knows what that misguided Abru was hallucinating about, because, by the razor-sharp crease of your Dhogla Khaki Chaddi, nobody has handed-out no goddamn biryani to me. And yet, our Murudeshwara Rampa lapped it up and further went on to repeat it – just like his ‘Murudeshwara’.

      Btw, take a look at what your ‘tolerant’ chaddi bros are up to:


      Very tolerant, eh?

  3. Good. New Mosques even in small towns show how sanaathana Bharatha continues to be a very tolerant-Atheist Mr.Original
    Sir,The Sanatan Dharma is tolerant since ages and different faith has lived in peace.Ever since Pakistani born LK Advani took the bloody wheels of RathYatra and sowed the seeds of hate secularism is started to disintegrate. Once religious coexisted and lived together as ‘vasudev kutumbakam’,with the demolition of Babri Masjid foundation of unity has collapsed forever. In pogrom of Godhra under CM Modi another 500 mosques including heritage was brought down along with 2,000 deaths. The ‘Godhra model’ which began in Dang district against Christians was successfully implemented with pre prepared list of Muslim establishments to attacked even before Godhra went to into flame. Then comes the ‘Gaurav yatra’ which made him then Muzaffarnagar carnage to become PM of India.

    Today VHP calls for Ram Mandir in every village of India.PM Modi’s dream project of ‘Toilet before temple’ gets flushed down the drain.Then Subramanya Swami brings Ram Mandir issue again associating Lord Krishna as marketing tool.

    There are one after another lynching in Modi’s India.A very good ‘development’ promised under ‘good governance’.

    Mr.Original,Is so called social organisation of RSS is sanatana Dharma or representative of Hindus? Why is BJP ‘intolerant’ on Babri Masjid issue even before supreme court verdict? Is 2017 UP elections has something to do with Lord Rama in Ayodhya?

    Jai Hind

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