Kuwait: ‘Hea Music-ak Lagon’ – Konkani DVD set for New Year Release

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Kuwait: It is said that God gives us talent, but we have to use it in the right way and improve on it.

One of Goa’s well-known music maestro Shahu Almeida and an exemplary figure, who has been instrumental in the success of several mega Konkani dramas and shows, is set to release his 3rd volume of DVD musical album entitled ‘HeaMusic-akLagon’.abstract mosical background

Shahu’s previous 2 albums – Musician (2010) and Tiatrist (2012) were remarkable hits, liked and appreciated by many across the Goan world.

Speaking on the eve of release, the soft-spoken Maestro said, “I feel proud and happy to be releasing this album which is for a good cause.”

“All proceeds of the DVD shall go towards the construction of Macazana church extension,” stated Shahu adding, “It was at the Macazana church that I first started playing the keyboards which explored and enriched my musical gift.”


‘HeaMusic-akLagon’ accommodates 12 songs on different themes with a total duration of 75 entertaining minutes.Footage for the album has been shot in Goa, Kuwait and Dubai. Marvelous and eye-catching videography and editing done in Kuwait is credited to Franky Fernandes while Johny Pereira takes credit for the shooting and recording in Goa.The album cover is designed by Cliff Rodrigues.

A special feature of the album is that, the entire music is composed, played and sequenced by Shahu on his keyboards.

The album features the celebrated Kuwait Trio Kings (Cajetan de Sanvordem-Mario de Majorda-Michael D’Silva), Lopes Brothers, Bab Agnel, Katty de Navelim, Laurente Pereira, Peter de Macazana, Rafael de Macazana, Franky de Paroda, Vaz Sisters – Lanisha and DelishaVaz (Dubai), Agnel de Panchwady, Augusto, Gaynele, Adella and GracyMorais, Clemmie Almeida and Shahu Almeida.

Talking about the project, Shahu said, “Everyone knows it is all an arduous task to produce a Video CD as one has to arrange different artistes, write suitable lyrics, compose music, and capture the entire art on video which is ‘the most difficult part’ specially in a country like Kuwait where outdoor shooting is limited.”

“The support I got from friends and well-wishers has been overwhelming all throughout the project, am sure Konkani lovers will appreciate the efforts,” concluded Shahu.

The Maestro has lovingly dedicated the album to his late father Pedro Almeida, a playwright and singer in his own right. Shahu has included one of his father’s ‘canto’ in fond memory. A typically phrased ‘canto’, it is nicely sung and enacted in it’s originality by Peter de Macazana and Rafael de Macazana.


All the songs in the album are simple, it is easy to grab the lyrics and feel their beauty.

Apart from his brilliance in composing the songs and music, Shahu demonstrates his vocal talent in the title song ‘Music-akLagon’ that reveals a briefabout his life and how he turned out to be a musician.

Lanisha and DelishaVaz, studying at St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Dubai, and known as the ‘Little Vaz Sisters’ sing a melodious song ‘Bhurgim’ orchestrated with synchronized voices and actions. Coming from a music-loving family, the two sisters have performed in many Konkani dramas and musical shows in Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain winning many prizes in singing competitions. It is a delight to watch them in ‘HeaMusic-akLagon’.

Katty de Navelim sings ‘Noxib’ which proves why the singer is highly rated and getting extremely popular in videos and dramas. The backdrop footage for this song is well enacted by Arun, Zaneta, Krisha and Rheana.

‘SaibinikUloMarum-ia’ by Rafael de Macazana has a soul-searching message in it. The song is stylishly sung by Rafael – as good as any professional singer.

‘Doiall Kuwaiti’, sung by Clemmie Almeida’s is sure to captivate everyone especially those working in the Gulf. The song is a beautiful tribute to Clemmie’s grand-mother and a portrayal of a few lucky ones working in the homes of Kuwaiti families. The song is nicely filmed featuring the Kuwaiti family. Clemmie sings in an elegant style that has become synonymous with her presence in various Konkani videos produced from Kuwait.

‘GhatkiAming’, a song by Laurente Pereira with striking lyrics and rhythm displays the flamboyant voice of the singer. Manuel de Mandur has made this song even more special by his novel, innovative acting in the backdrop scenes.

‘MissakVell’ featuring the Morais family of Augusto, Gracy, Adella and Gaynelle is a fabulous song that one would love to watch watch and listen again and again. Augusto and Gracy are marvelous with their voices and expressions while the kids have done great justice too with their vocals, style and apparels.

A rhythmic reggae beat played by Maestro Shahu and the subject of the song makes the song of Kuwait Trio Cajetan de Sanvordem-Mario de Majorda-Michael D’Silva exceptionally enchanting. The song highlights Bab Salvador Dias, one of Goa’s most well-known personalities based in Kuwait, well-known for his sports and social activities.

Well-known star of Konkani stage Bab Agnel renders his voice to ‘Bhav-BhoinnichoMog, a song with captivating lyrics set to music that should catch everyone’s attention. The song has impeccable scenes enacted by support artiste Joseph Gomes.

The talented Lopes Brothers – Alex and Michael Lopes sing ‘Xanti’ with a symbolic message for world peace, while Agnel de Panchwady has a beautiful rendition of ‘Festam’ that features some unique scenes of Goan feasts and fairs.

‘Bavarth’ is an awesome song by Franky de Paroda. It displays a strong sense of ability, style and screen presence of the singer. The young singer is sure to be seen in many more videos after his debut in ‘Hea Music-akLagon’.

The DVDs shall be on sale at all popular locations in Goa and Kuwait, and other Gulf countries like UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, etc, where Konkani DVDs/CDs are normally available.

“God blesses cheerful givers,” wrote Shahu on his Facebook timeline requesting everyone to buy an original DVD and contribute towards a noble cause.

Konkani music lovers may contact Maestro Shahu at 00965 9787 0433 for a crystal clear, original DVD to be delivered at home free of charge.


Shahu is no stranger to Goan world of music and drama. He is the 1st Goan musician to ‘single-handedly’ play music on Konkani Stage.

Shahu began his tryst with music drumming from St. Francis Xavier School, Macazana and Guardian Angel College, Sanvordem. Evolving into an ace drummer, he had an splendid opportunity of honing his musical skills under the baton of Chris Perry, the eternal Goan icon. But it was his evolution into a keyboardist that shot him into instant fame. He went on to play one-man music for Konkani dramas starting with Shri Rosario Rodrigues.

Shahu has come a long way with music spanning over two decades. His musical creativity was elevated further after his arrival in Kuwait in 1999. He has played at almost every show in Kuwait since then. Apart from a short stint playing live music at Dubai’s famous Viva Goa restaurant The maestro has also played in UK, Muscat, Doha, Bahrain, Bangalore, Darjeeling, etc, either directing or performing for top directors,.

Recent years has seen Shahu running his own band called 2#Sharp which is adept in belting out all kind of hits – Hindi, English, Konkani, Portuguese or other languages — performing a large repertoire of songs on audiences’ request.

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