Kuwait: Mohammed Nabeel Barkaati to Perform Naat E-Sharief at Meelad Conference

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Kuwait: As a part of continuous efforts of the Karnataka Cultural Foundation (KCF) to provide better services to the community, KCF has decided once again to organize the ‘Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammed’ (Peace Be Upon Him) comes with blessing and benedictions on its wake, not only for Muslims alone, but for the whole of the universe. The celebration, commemoration and observance of the birth, life, achievements and favors of the Holy Prophet upon the community are a practice, which is meritorious, and a necessary requirement for the Muslim Community.


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate and celebrate the most auspicious day in the history of the Universe. The program is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 1st January 2015 at the Indian Central School Abbasiya at 5:30 PM.

Burdah and Naat-E-Sheriff majlis will be led by The Famous Naat-E-Sheriff Specialist Master Mohammed Nabeel Barkaati from Bangalore.

South India Religious lecture by veteran scholars in Urdu, English, Malayalam and Kannada languages.

Chief Guests of this Conference are:

Sulthanul Ulema A.P. Aboobaker Musliar
Sayed Khaleel Buckari Thangal
Janab U.T.Khader, Health Minister (Govt. of Karnataka, India)
Moulana MSM  Abdurrahseed  Zaini Kamil
Great Scholar Mohammed Hussain from Australia
Sayed Khaled Yousef Hashem Alrefai
Mohammed Sayed Yousef Hashem AlRefai
Al-Mustashar Sayed Refai Abbas Alrefai
Salman Faisal Alatir
Mahmoud Abdullah Kreshan
Ali Shaddad
Paul Sutherland, UK

And many leading personalities are scheduled to address this spiritually enlightening evening. veteran religious scholars from India, Kuwait and GCC will participate in the conference. The presence of these leaders in this event will be great motivation for KCF Kuwait.

Looking forward to seeing you at this important event.


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