Kuwait: ‘Run, Jump and Shout but do not Sin’ Let the Celebrations Begin!

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Don Bosco Salesian family across the globe celebrates the Bicentenary Birth of St John Bosco (16 Aug 1815 – 16 Aug 2015).

Kuwait: Don Bosco Oratory, inaugurated their 12th Inter School Basketball Championship for boys and girls (under 12 yrs / 14 yrs / 16 yrs) on January 9, 2015

On January 9th, Seven schools participated in the under 12 boys category – (1) Indian Community School Kuwait, (2) United Indian School, (3) Indian English Academy School, (4) Indian Educational School, (5) Carmel’s School Kuwait, (6)  Fahaheel Al Wataniya School, and (7) Integrated Indian School – Mangaf.


The schools participating in this championship are not new to the event. The tournament was officiated by the Philippino Basketball referee Association. We all know that basketball is a fast sport and it’s played by the young and the old. It is a great sport for exercise and a way to have fun and make new friends. A child can become styles as a passer, playmaker, shooter, defensive player or who knows a dunker; all you need is to encourage and have confidence and care for others.

I have watched this game and seen some young stars at a very young age since we started this Championship 12 years ago and today they are great high school or college players here in Kuwait, Singapore, Canada and India.

Kobe Bryant makes basketball seem as a mere game for the young. An all around athlete at 30 and still going strong. He is a role model to many kids and adults today. Likewise, our young kids look up at their senior’s start of the school that have brought name and fame to their respected schools.

Parent’s sports is a great way to get your child’s mind off things and make it clear specially when exams are near.

Day one results Boys under 12 years

Match 1 – United Indian School (UIS) started their title chase winning by 21 points beating Indian Community School Kuwait 25/4. UIS used the drive in to their advantage on the counter attack. The young upcoming lads of ICSK with a little more focus on the rebounds and defensive would make them a better team.

Match 2 – Indian Educational School (Bhavans) v/s Indian English Academy School (IEAS) was a well fought match between both schools. Bhavans did a good job on the boards efficiently collecting rebounds and defending well. It was some fine shooting of IEAS that managed to earn them the victory over Bhavans. Final score 18/12

Match 3 – Carmel’s School Kuwait (CSK) v/s Fahaheel Al Wataniya School (DPS) was won by CSK 20/8. DPS is rebuilding its young side as years pass by players move to the higher age group. CSK and UIS has always produced good basketball players. This is now seen as other schools focus more on sports where a lot of young talent is being discovered.

Match 4 – Indian Educational School (Bhavans) v/s United Indian School (UIS) There is no stopping for UIS who continues to improve their game as the tournament progresses. Ball control and accuracy in their shots won the match 35 / 08.

Match 5 – Indian English Academy School (IEAS) v/s Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK). IEAS with some excellent touch and movements around the court well posted a top score of 19 / 05. IEAS slipped into gear in the second half of the match.

Match 6 – Integrated Indian School – Mangaf (IIS-M) v/s Carmel’s School Kuwait (CSK) both teams fought well with good defensive and attaching moves from both teams. IIS-M was good on the rebounds which made a difference for them, wining the match with a score of 19 / 10.

Match 7 – The match played by the two giants in this group and in the same pool. United Indian School (UIS) taking on Indian English Academy School (IEAS). The result will take the team top of the pool. In a very even team performance shown by both teams, both played on a fast space giving no team to settle down. It was a nail biting finish with IEAS 20 points and UIS 18 points

Match 8 – Integrated Indian School – Mangaf (IIS-M) v/s Fahaheel Al Wataniya School (DPS) was once again a one sided match IIS-M beating DPS 36 / 7. And now will meet UIS in the semi finals while IEAS will face CSK.

It was an afternoon filled with lots of excitement where parents and students all gathered to cheer their school. A note worth mentioning is the discipline maintained by the schools this year stood out and the coaches/Physical Education teachers must be credited for their role and support.

Result for day 2 Girls under 12 to follow……

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