Last Resort – Pujas, Prayers and Duas for Early Rains

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Last Resort – Pujas, Prayers and Duas for Early Rains

Mangaluru: The state, in general, has been going through severe drought conditions. Dakshina Kannada district is facing severe shortage over the past days.

The lifeline of the district, the Netravati river, is going dry. The Thumbay dam has water stored which can take care of the demand for just a few days.


The district administration is doing everything possible to conserve water and ensure equitable supply.

To make things worse, even until the end of April, there are no signs of even summer shower. Some members of the public have decided to seek divine intervention by organizing special pujas in temples, prayers in churches and dua in mosques.

On Apr 28, a community prayer for rains will be held in Kadri Shri Manjunatheshwara temple. Similarly, prayers are being offered in churches.


Sufi Abdul Khader Shah Wajid Khadri of the Juma mosque in Shivajinagar has appealed to all jama’ats to arrange for special duas after namaaz on Friday.

He said that floods and drought were not in human hands but under divine control. He has expressed the hope that the prayers would work and there would be rains soon.

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  1. All this time Corrupt Elected Officials were and Religious heads were chasing for money. Now they are chasing God for Rain. Yettinahole is going to be dry now. Now the Citizens had to support the group that fights against this Corrupt Project. Contractors are still using Water to Cure the concrete on site.
    Tankers are taking water from Pump houses. Who monitors where this water is emptied.
    From where the Water is coming for washing the Cars and to wash Tippers and Buses. Does any Corporator, MLA, MLC or any Water Dept. Employee cares about it. They do not want to loose the BONUS money they get.
    Tell about any problem to City Office(MCC) and get only answer is “I am busy now I will look into the Problem later,or I am at Meeting or function or I am in Bangalore” Call many time until get frustrated but still no result. Only positive Result I have received is from past Commissioner Miss Koralpathy and DC Ibrahim. For Example ,there is a real life threat injury problem at Bendoor well.
    I have brought Mr Shiva Shanker, Chief Executive Engineer on sight and He agreed to do repairs. From site He contacted His engineers to take care of the problem but almost 3 months past and I have made at least 6 trips to His office. He strictly requests His Engineer to do the need but He or She do not care. Even Shiv Shanker sent Corporator Lancy Pinto to site along with Engineer Roopa and another Engineer. Now 1 month is gone and still nothing done. Now which God should I go to pray?

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