Legal Literacy Chariot and Mobile Court Campaign Launched

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Mangaluru: Principle District and Sessions Judge and Chairperson of DLSA, Uma MG launched ‘Legal Literacy Chariot and Mobile Court Campaign’ at the District Court premises here, on March 26.

The chariot will tour the district from 26 to 30 March and spread awareness to the public about the law and various institutions to seek justice. It will also promote solution for trivial cases with the application of mutual compromise between the disputed parties than going into a lengthy judicial process.

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Speaking on the occasion, Uma said, “With the help of various resource persons, this chariot will help the public understand the legal procedures to seek justice. There are many cases that need not be heard in a court but can be solved through mutual compromise outside the court hall and this Mobile Court will aim to solve 100 such cases everyday. Public usually complain about the long and tedious process of seeking justice and hence this Mobile Court will come in handy and justice can be delivered without undergoing a lengthy and painstaking process. We are also striving to solve cases within a time frame of about 4 years, but without any compromise on justice.”

She said that every person has a different idea about the way the judiciary works and this campaign would ensure that everyone understood the delays and when a person knocks on the doors of the judiciary he should not feel cheated. She also urged the office bearers to take extra precautions while handling cases and ensure that a person gets justice without any problems.

Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim said, “There are many instances where a lay person has misinterpreted the proceedings of a court. It is not uncommon, as without proper awareness it is very easy to interpret the judicial matters in a wrong way. I hope this chariot serves its purpose and provides the common man with the right awareness on vital judicial matters.”

President of Mangalore Bar Association, S P Chengappa said, “A lean compromise is better than a fact suit. It is true in many cases that a lawsuit is like a machine where pigs go inside and come out like sausages. Such a thing should not happen, which is why it is necessary that people are educated on where and how to seek timely justice. As the DC said, many incidents of misinterpretations of the judiciary can be observed among the common man. We receive about 1.27crore cases every year, of which only about 98 lakh cases are solved and this can be due to various reasons.” He said that a 50% compromise is better than a 100% disposal of the case.

ZP CEO Srividya, SP Dr Sharanappa, District Information Officer, Khader Shah and others were also present.

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