Let Your Light Shine! ‘Lamp Lighting Ceremony’ of CCN and KRSMC Nurses

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Let Your Light Shine! ‘Lamp Lighting Ceremony’ of CCN and KRSMC Nurses

With the motto “Let Your Light Shine” 107 new batch of Nursing Students of City College of Nursing (CCN); Kaikere Rukmini Shetty Memorial Nursing College (KRSMC) and City Institute of Nursing belonging to the City Hospital Charitable Trust and Nandavan Education Trust located a Shaktinagar-Mangaluru took part in “Lamp Lighting Ceremony” on Friday, 15 December 2017.

“No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this – ‘devoted and obedient’. I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results. The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm. To understand God’s thoughts one must study statistics… the measure of his purpose. There is no part of my life, upon which I can look back without pain.”-Florence Nightingale

Mangaluru: The day, Friday 15 December will go down in the memories of City College of Nursing, Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Memorial Nursing College, and City Institute of Nursing.with an extra Feather in its cap as the day witnessed the lamp lighting ceremony of its First year batch of Nursing students. Essence of lamp lighting ceremony, an auspicious occasion in every nurses life is held in reverence to Florence Nightingale or Lady with the Lamp as she is more popularly known, this ceremony initiates the students into the noble profession of nursing, who were adorned in their uniforms for the first time, and these students hereafter will study and practice in actual medical surroundings.

The lamp lighting ceremony was held on 15 December 2017 at the Heera International School auditorium-Shakthinagar here, where the 107 novice nurses received the light from the chief guest Prof. Sr Dhanya Devasia -Principal, Athena College of Nursing-Mangaluru, along with both principals of the nursing college, followed by oath-taking ceremony of novice nurses. Along with chief guest on the dais, other dignitaries were Dr K.Bhasker Shetty- President of City Hospital Charitable Trust; Principal of City College of Nursing & City Institute of Nursing Ashwin Bromeo; Principal of K Rukmini Shetty Nursing College-Prof. Rajeshwari; and Dr Roshan Shetty and Dr Rohan shetty – Trustees. Welcome speech was delivered by Ashwin Bromeo J, while the essence of the day was briefed by Prof. Rajeshwari

Chief guest Prof. Sr Devasia emphasizing the significance of the nurse’s white uniform and the power of nurses, in her speech said, ” Nursing is a dynamic and challenging profession, it plays an important role in providing care to humanity. Health is a right of every human being. Science and technology is playing an important role in the present times and we have to upgrade to the modern times. There is no recession in nursing jobs, we should be thankful to all the parents for supporting the children to take up nursing as profession and also novices for taking the challenging profession. There is a high demand for nursing in the world now, so upgrade your skills. You all have made the right decision by joining the nursing career. Grow in your profession and I wish all the success for the future endeavours.

“Be proud, for you have stepped into a field wherein you can do immense good to humanity and always offer your contribution to relieve pain and suffering in the world. Through this field you have responded to God’s call and accepted this noble profession. As I congratulate you, I want you to be more self-motivated, and you can make a difference in this profession only if you possess sufficient knowledge, adequate skills and proper attitudes. We call it a “Three H’s”-integration of Head, Hands and Heart. If you lag behind in anyone of these, you cannot function as a good nurse. It is you who have to decide to bed a good professional nurse- and this needs self-motivation. Try and work hard to become a nurse with good knowledge, Good skills and perfect attitude- then only you can serve the community” added Sr Devasia.

In his presidential remarks, Dr Bhaskar Shetty said, “In the days of Florence Nightingale, the flame of candle was used to light her way as she made her rounds to the sick and injured. the bright flame today has come to symbolize knowledge, enlightenment, experience and hope. It will drive away all negativity that darkens everything. This flame lightens everything with hope and positivism. Lighting a lamp is not just lighting up a flame but instead it is lighting up a ray of hope and love. At the beginning you may feel lonely getting away from your parents an family members- but we are here to comfort and provide you all the strength, love an care from our side. “

“You all have taken up a great profession to serve humanity. To be a good nurse you need to study hard, concentrate on your nursing subjects, be thorough in your practicals, attend classes regularly, and only then you’ll come out in flying colors. You are the backbone of health care. Even though you come from Malayalam speaking family background, you need to learn English, so that you can communicate with the patients in this town. At our institution you are all like our family members. You have all taken up a very professional career to love and serve the sick. Keep up the good work that you all entrusted with, and God will surely bless you. Have a successful nursing career during the next four years” added Dr Shetty.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Merlin Shiba-asst professor at City College of Nursing, while the formal program was professionally compered by Sandra James-II BSc Nursing student of Rukmini College of Nursing student, and cultural part was compered by Ranjana Sunny, IV Year student City College of Nursing. The formal function ended with mind-blowing dances and songs by the talented senior nursing students, who unleashed their hidden talents thereby mesmerizing the audience gaining loud applaud. It was indeed a glittering and glamorous “Lamp Lighting Ceremony” well organized.

In conclusion, Nursing, as Florence Nightingale would tell you, is a noble profession. It’s all about caring, self-sacrifice, and a whole lot of patience. Yes. Nursing is a freaking hard job. But if you forget about how big (or small) your salary is and focus more on what you can offer to suffering patients, you will always enjoy coming to work everyday. You are the hospitality of the hospital. You are the heart of the hospital. Nurses lead very demanding lives. Working with doctors, healing patients and educating the communities are just a few of the responsibilities nurses perform on a daily basis. In fact you could say that nurses are the backbone of our healthcare care system, providing us with the attention and medical care that we need to live health long-lasting lives. Sometimes being a nurse can be exhausting at times, but the knowledge and power to help heal others is what keeps them going in challenging times. They come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal. To all the nurses a big thank you for caring and healing those in the hour of medical attention. God bless you all!

I end this report with thought provoking words by Jonathan Lockwood Huie-

“Grant that I may radiate Thy Light, Thy Love,
Thy Healing, Thy Joy, and Thy Peace
to all those around me
and all those in my thoughts
this day and ever more.”

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