Let’s be more pragmatic about marriage

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Different people have different views on marriage. However, most of the time when we give our views it most often tends to be a personal view masquerading as an objective one. I feel that marriage should be a matter of choice and not of force. But such a claim can only be made mostly by people who are financially independent. For the rest, who depend on their parents for their financial or emotional support, free choice may become difficult. So what do such people do?

First of all, they need to prioritise their options-is it marriage they want first or do they want to be financially independent. The marital future of most young people depnds on this decision.

Next, they need to be very clear as to what kind of a partner they want. This is a better way of looking at things then just saying love or arranged marriage. I’d go to the extent of saying that if one is very career-minded then one should only think in terms of a live-in relationship. Otherwise later on, if not both ,either of the partners is definitely going to get disappointed!

So instead of regretting later think carefully about your priorities and decide what kind of a partner you want. Only then can one decide whether one can go in for a love, arranged or live-in. I feel one needs to be open and positive about the marriage question.

Author: chetan pinto- India

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