Let’s Support Honest Govt Officers-One Among Them is MCC Commissioner HR Korlapati

Mangaluru: India is the largest democracy in the world. But today, because of the evil attitude of politicians, government servants and corporates, there is corruption everywhere. Though this evil triangle has caused humiliation to India on the world stage, there are some honest government officers. Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, the Commissioner of Mangalore City Corporation is one among them. Since she took charge on the 1st of January 2015, she has been a nightmare to the corrupt. Reduction of corruption by 40% since she took charge is the example of her honesty and duty consciousness. If she remains in her post for the full term, she will certainly uproot corruption in Mangalore City Corporation.


To fleece the residents of Mangalore, the waste management has been entrusted to a company from Mumbai. It has directly translated into increase in our property tax. If you observe the property tax receipt, you will faint looking at the waste management charges. Similarly, in many places, tenders have been invited to lay BS slabs twice in a year and money has been laundered. It is no secret that builders ignore all rules while building flats and that corporation officers are hand in glove with them. The drainage system of the city has been suspended long ago and now nobody is interested in completing it. For example, near Shakthinagar cross, there is no drainage system, but there is drainage in the inner roads.

Repeated requests to local corporator and legislator have fallen on deaf ears. It would be of great help if drainage system is completed. These are only a few examples of corruption in Mangalore City Corporation. If we dig the files of the Corporation, there would be thousands of skeletons. Hephsiba Rani has made honest effort in curbing this corruption. In the past, I have requested many Commissioners to take necessary action in this regard, but they could not succeed. The Corporation did not get any Commissioner of Hephsiba’s calibre in the past and will never get in future. Because of her good deeds Hephsiba Rani has stirred up a hornet’s nest. Now, those who appointed her as the Commissioner are up in arms to transfer her.

It is every citizen’s right to have a corruption free country and it is our duty to support such honest officers. Therefore we should join hands to oppose all efforts to transfer her before her term and see that she remains in her post for the full term. In this regard, I would be appealing even to the Chief Minister and the DK-Deputy Commissioner. I look forward to your support in making Mangalore City Corporation free of corruption.

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Casmir D’Souza – is a Retired Senior Executive, FM, Government of India (Ministry of Heavy Industry)-presently he is the Vice President of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL). He is also the Founder Member, Indian Christian Laity Forum

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Simon Rodrigues

I support.

Joe D'Souza

Mr Casmir D’Souza,all my SUPPORT to You,and to everyone who supports Commissioner Hepsiba Korlapati. I have written in my comments in the past, requesting every Mangalorean to support Her for better future of Mangalore. She is the best Commissioner Mangalore had during past few decades. Some of the Corrupt Corporators cannot stand because She is a thorn in their eyes. Also some of the Corrupt Town Planning will not tolerate Her due to Black Money shortage in their Pocket. Also some in the Engineering Department are questionable, to know if few are real qualified Engineers or black money specialists. Mr.Casmir… Read more »

Must clean corruption in the MCC.

Corruption has been going on in MCC for decades- now that a tough and truthful lady who is at the helm trying to sleuth into corruption that’s going on at the MCC, some MCC officials can’t bear the brunt- citizens should wake up, support this commissioner and bring change in the MCC administration.


This is a great initiative. I would like to know how we can organize this and make CM and govt know what citizens voice is on this issue.

Corporators will try their best to misinform the govt. We have to do something.

All civic minded citizens of Mangalore should support MS Korlapati who is trying her best to improve Mangalore.

R. Pinto

Appreciate the sincere effors by Mr. C. D’Souza. PUCL should release the list of corrupt officials. citizens of mangalore are with you.


I support and stand-by Ms. Korlapatti if she is honest and is teaching discipline to people who have no idea what time-management, good manners and discipline are.


These corporators think they are lords. They must respect the commissioner. They should Fix an appointment to discuss any problem and not barge into her office as and when they want. Making them wait for their turn is correct. Three cheers tothe commissioner.

Original R.Pai

Kudos to Mr.Casmir D’Souza!! We need to initiate a new culture of confronting corruption and standing up for honest, clean officers.


Sir, great initiative, It is now or never. We mangaloreans must rise to the challenge. As a first step, I suggest that we all people submit a memorandum to the CM, DC, home minister, Mayor corporators and all the concerned to retain her at her current post and never to transfer her. Let us details in the memorandum, the work done by her and the corporators plan to transfer her to their benefit. We should also warn the concerned that if any efforts are done to transfer her, people will not keep quite. Let us see is it the people… Read more »


Dear Mr.D’Souza, Without hesitation I am with you in appreciation of this great Municipal Commissioner and look forward more and more Mangaloreans stand behind her in her major initiative to root out corruption. Gone are the days when men like late L.C.Pais, late Mr.& Mrs. S.L.Lobo, Octavia Albuqurqe and not to forget my own late Father late Vokil Kaithan Lobo used to grace the chairs of the Mangalorean Municipal Council / Corporation. Yes there are a few men and women still at the helm holding up the dignity of the Civic Body…….and courtesy Hepsibha Rani Korlapaty……May God protect her and… Read more »