Liam Hemsworth angered by reporter

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Los Angeles, July 11 (IANS) Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth reportedly became angry when he mistakenly thought a reporter called him Chris.
The 25-year-old actor, whose older brother Chris, 31, stars as Thor in the Marvel series “Thor”, became annoyed with the reporter after thinking he mistook him for his sibling, reports

As Liam walked along the red carpet at Comic-Con in San Diego, the reporter said: “Hi I’m Chris, it’s nice to meet you.”

To which Liam replied: “You called me Chris? It’s Liam. You called me Chris, didn’t you?”

However, the reporter was quick to defend himself, saying: “Oh no, I said I’m Chris.”

At that point, Liam backed down and said: “Oh, you’re Chris. Phew. Okay, you’re Chris. I’m Liam. We’re good.”


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