Life- After Death

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A comment posted on the website about Death and it?s After, got me thinking and so here I am writing about Life- After Death. This article in no way tries to change your views on afterlife, nor tries to reduce fear and uncertainty about death.

What really happens at death? Why do we even have to die? Can we know if there is a life beyond the grave? Is death the end of human existence and consciousness, or do we continue in some other place or other state of being? Are we destined to be reincarnated, coming to life again in a different body in a seemingly endless cycle of living and dying? Will we ever see deceased loved ones again?

What about Heaven and Hell? Do we go to a place of everlasting reward or eternal torment? Where can we go for meaningful, believable answers? Science has tried to answer these questions by researching. Most religions teach about the Afterlife. I have tried to understand the purpose of my life and the mystery of death from the Bible, because I believe that I was created from parts of a Greater self and was sent into this world, so when I die I will once again be part of my creator-GOD.

However, the thought that there is life after death, may not gel with those who have lost a loved one, simply because death is not acceptable to them and they find no comfort in words of an afterlife in this void that gets created by death. If there is a Heaven and we are supposed to be joined with our creator why are we not anxious to get there? Why, instead of weeping do we not throw a party or a have a celebration? Is it so bad to be getting to be with GOD? However I must add that all of us at some point do hope for an afterlife- one that is a consciousness devoid of suffering and grief. The question that comes automatically to our minds is- when I die, will I go to Heaven?

…they find no comfort in words of an afterlife in this void that gets created by death…

The concept of a soul having an afterlife in Heaven or in Hell is not just Christian. It is a concept that can be found in the ancient history of the people of Babylon and of other ancient kingdoms. In fact, the Egyptians believed that Osiris was killed and was supposed to be taken into Heaven. But he rose from the dead and was then actually taken into Heaven. After this, if any other mortals? soul could satisfy God; they were taken into Osiris?s fold. This can be compared to the Rising of Christ and the promise of life with and in Him.

The question that arises is that whether we can prove a life after death? Does it really exist or not and if it does how do we know it does exist? Is there any logical or scientific proof to establish it? Is immortality just a myth? The questions are endless because though this world cannot satisfy humanity, we all want to live ? live on without dying. I for one have no answers to the mysteries of life, death and immortality. I think no thoughts and have no emotions regarding them. As for me God alone knows the answers to these mysteries. All I know and believe is that, He has promised me an eternal life and has something greater and meaningful in store for me?for each one of us. That will be the true FINAL ANSWER.

Author: Charmaine Albuquerque- India

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