Lindsay Lohan loves ‘fearless’ Madonna

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Los Angeles, June 21 (IANS) Actress Lindsay Lohan is a big fan of Madonna and her “fearless” sense of style.

Asked whose style she admires, Lohan said: “Madonna because she’s Madonna. She’s fearless.”

When it comes to her own outfits, the 28-year-old star loves to experiment with different looks. She says her style changes every day depending on her mood, reports

“My style evolves from day to day and I love trying new looks. I pull out different pieces from my wardrobe, put them together and see how they turn out. Currently I love mini dresses and fringing.

“Fashion gives you the freedom to express yourself, life your mood and give you confidence. Every girl should have that. Designer or high street, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel great,” she said.

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