Link De-Addiction Group stage Street Play saying ‘No To Drugs’

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Link De-Addiction and Integrated Rehabilitation Centre fore Addicts (IRCA) Group stage Street Play saying ‘No To Drugs’- “Hugs Not Drugs”; “A Friend in Deed Won’t Make You Smoke that Weed”; “You Don’t Need Heroine To Be a Hero”; So “Say Nope To Dope”!

Mangaluru: In the wake of rising drug and alcohol menace in DK and Mangaluru City, members of LINK De-Addiction and Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA), to mark the 25th year of fruitful service to the society, are celebrating silver jubilee this year in De-addiction and Counselling by organizing street play and other awareness programmes on the harmful effects of drug and alcohol consumption. The organization which was established in 1991 and registered as a Public Charitable Society in 1992 for Prevention and Management of Alcoholism and Drug addiction is fighting against drug addiction by adopting strategy and through effective participation of the people.

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To mark this event LINK organized today, 18 April a Street play regarding alcoholism and drug abuse at various locations. MSW students from School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya Mangaluru, Shree Devi Institute of Social Work Mangaluru and Srinivas Institute of Social work Mangaluru who are placed at LINK for their field exposure staged the Street play on this occasion. The first play was executed at Kankanady Market road at 10:00 am, followed by acts near Kadri Park at 11:15 am; inside KSRTC bus stand at 12:15 pm. City Centre at 1:15 pm;at Forum Fiza mall at 3:15 pm; and the final street play in the vicinity of DC office at 4:15 pm.

Speaking to, Lydia Lobo- Administrator at LINK-AACC said, “The main objective of the street play is to create awareness about the drug abuse menace in the society. It will be a great help for us in bringing awareness to people addicted to various substances so that, we can rehabilitate these people. It is our duty to work and bring awareness against the evils in society and to ensure steps for the better future of the youths. The main purpose of the campaign was also to motivate the public to make their contribution to the fight against drugs. It is sad to note that more number of youths were falling prey to drugs instead of focusing on their career. Students should adopt healthy habits, rely on balanced diets and work hard to achieve their set goals. Youth should play a “proactive” role in wiping out the drug menace by not only saying no to drugs but also creating awareness. We request the citizens, especially the youth to come forward and make efforts to curb the growing menace of drug addiction. The society has to strongly come forward to make Mangaluru and DK free from the menace of drug abuse”.

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In conclusion, one should know that Drug use can cause you to lose your ability to remember things, to think clearly and to study properly. Drug use gives you the impression that you are more alert and aware, but under the influence of drugs you are actually less aware, and less alert. Drug use can also cause people to act in strange unpredictable ways. A person can undergo a complete personality change when under the influence of drugs. Since drug residues can remain in the body for many years after they were taken, the effect on the mind can last a long time. Don’t lose your mind! Avoid drugs.

Drug use can make you ill and an overdose can kill. Drugs are poisons after all. The list of diseases you can catch as a result of using drugs is very long and includes Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS. Since drugs also use up your body’s supply of vitamins and minerals, you become more prone to diseases. Many drug users suffer from malnutrition as a result of their habit. Why be a loser? Stay healthy! Also, a drug habit can be REALLY expensive, and this is why many addicts are forced into crime. Don’t waste your money. Drugs are the ultimate betrayer – you pay big money to destroy yourself.

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Drug use that seems a “cool” idea in the beginning can turn into a living nightmare that includes accidents, hospitalization, a life of crime, a criminal record, hurting those you love, destroyed relationships, a prison sentence and death. Taking drugs definitely gives you a new lifestyle, but it is the lifestyle of a sad loser with no prospects. There is evidence that abuse of drugs can lead to impotence in males. Certainly, abuse of drugs in females can affect unborn children, with the babies of drug addicts far more likely to be underweight and to suffer from birth complications. So stay away from Drugs!

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  1. Look at the laughable situation of human society. Alcohol consumption is ‘fashion’!! Other recreational drugs are illegal and biggest threat!! Sometimes I wonder if people even have basic knowledge of drugs before peddling these talking points!! I agree that hard drugs can be very dangerous. This is precisely why we need to discuss this openly and look into different ways of regulation and prescribing it using safe channels. Under safety of controlled environment, drugs can open your mind to new levels of consciousness and life would never be the same.

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