Lisa Ray to perform stunts in ‘Ishq Forever’

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Mumbai, May 10 (IANS) Actress Lisa Ray, who plays a secret agent in “Ishq Forever”, will be seen performing stunts in the romantic entertainer. She’s excited to play an “action-oriented” woman on screen and is working hard for it.

She has been undergoing rigorous training sessions since a month with Grandmaster Shifuji to get her act rights. The actress wants to ensure that her comeback turns out to be a treat for her fans.

“I’m so excited to play a strong, action-oriented woman on screen. Training with Master Shifuji was not just about mastering the physical moves but also about the confidence and mind training it takes to be a warrior.

“Shifuji has trained many women in self-defence and we both believe strongly in female empowerment, which is part of bringing my character to the screen,” Lisa said in a statement.

Produced by Ajay Shah, Harry Gandhi and Shabbir Boxwala, “Ishq Forever” is being shot in Cape Town, South Africa. The film, directed by Sanjay Dayma, will release in November.

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