Live & Let Live! Cyclist Shameem All Set for 3,500 km Solo Cycling

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Live & Let Live! Cyclist Shameem All Set for 3,500 km Solo Cycling

Live & Let Live! Pro-Cyclist and Professor at MIT-Manipal, SSS Shameem Gearing Up for 3,500 km Solo Cycling

Mangaluru: You’ve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days–in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology. You can hardly escape it on the Internet, and on many sources of media. That’s all great as far as we’re concerned. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed, it’s also simple to begin making a positive impact. There are many reasons behind why we should go green. The truth is that everything single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet — good or bad. The good news is that as an individual you have the power to control most of your choices and, therefore, the impact you create: from where you live to what you buy, eat, and use to light your home etc- you can have a global impact. But embracing a greener lifestyle isn’t just about helping to preserve equatorial rain forests, it can also mean improving your health, improve the environment in the community, ultimately, improving your overall quality of life. Why wouldn’t anyone want to go green?

And to spread the Message of Green-&-Healthy India Mission; and also to bring awareness to Unity & Humanity, Assistant Professor of MIT, Manipal University, SSS Shameem a seasoned cyclist with loads of experience is on yet another mission. He has earlier attempted Solo Cycling journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, i.e.3,500 Kms in 23 days during Summer-2016; followed by Campus Connect “Tour-de-Manipal” (Manipal University Sponsored; Team cycling event) Manipal to Jaipur 2,500 km in 20 days during Winter-2016. And he is not done yet. To challenge furthermore, he is all set to attempt Okha (Gujarat) to Dibrugarh (Assam) Solo Cycling expedition, i.e. 3,500 km; and he aims to complete it also in just 20 days, starting from 15-May2017. This is not for any record purpose, but to spread the message of Unity and Humanity in a Greener and Healthier way. More details about “Bharat-Bhraman”, as he calls it, is available on

Shameem introduces himself in a very meaningful way: Muslim by Birth; INDIAN by Heart; Human by Nature; Professor by Profession; Family person by Emotion; Trier and Achiever by Determination. Shameem is a regular endurance athlete, still far away from a podium finish, but with a vast experience of many Half-Marathons, Full-Marathons, 200/300/400 Km Cycling brevets; apart from regular rigorous training sessions.

During this journey, he (alone) will be passing through six States and UTs, 39 Districts, and 40 (major) cities; many NHs, check-posts, and even some of the (possibly sensitive) stretches in UP, Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam etc. Moreover, it will be the scorching heat of summer; and being absolutely all alone, in a race against time and distance will make it a herculean task. Not just the heat, but he will be all alone to manage every single aspect of this journey for 20 odd days.

Food, stay, and all other aspects he has to handle himself, apart from cycling 170-200 km per day. The risk factor of cycling on highly dangerous Highways also adds up to the worries. But, the blessing of supporting Parents, wishes of friends, and backing of Manipal University is making his attempt for this. He says, he has prepared hard for this, and will try to complete the journey with flying colours; though he also accepts it to be highly difficult…. Then, Why is he doing this all?

As he (with his usual funny attitude) says; “It’s all very simple.At the age of 50/60/70, when sitting in an armchair at home-balcony and looking back into memory lane; it would be really painful if I have to regret that when I had the time and capacity, I didn’t even try.” At the age of 27, it sounds a bit too much!! He continues, “I truly believe in, Do whatever you can do, before you can’t do only, with only one main target running in my brain, To see where I stand in the Crowd”.

Talking about ranking/winning, he franking admits and replies, “Possibly, I may not be a champion to win a given race by coming First of the lot (at least now). I agree I might not be having that lightning Speed. So, what’s wrong in making the finish-line so far/big, that only very few will ever think/dare about it; and I will have genuine chance to be the deserving champion (with proud and respect)”. That has point.

With all these simple, yet heavy philosophy, he continues, “I want to Try Whatever I Can Try, Do something, so that if not anybody else, but I should RESPECT myself”. He might not be knowing, but (in his own small circle) many already respect and admire him. He completes his answer to this “why” with the final statement, “Never-the-less, I want to give some genuine reasons to my parents, family to be proud of me, which they of course are, without any reasons yet”. Proud-parents Sk. Habibun Bibi and Sk. Anwar Hossain is always his role-model and source of inspiration, for which he apologises with God-almighty for respecting them more than HIM.

Also, he is promoting the message of “Live and Let Live”. After lot of analysis, he preferred to proceed with this cause of “Being Human; the Human that God-Almight created”, which he himself tries to follow to a possible limit. He believes “It’s okay, if you can’t make someone laugh; but don’t make one cry. Don’t be the REASON of PAIN to anybody.” Apart from this, he also wants to help those financially challenged athletes whose talent go waste due to lack of resources.On a personal note, he is already in process of helping a few such talents; but that support (from his small-in-size pocket) can hardly make a difference.

Do follow him on facebook, join him in your city, and extend your countable support if possible.And, don’t miss any opportunity in spreading a smile on others face.

Details for Okha(Gujarat) -to- Dibrugarh (Assaam) Solo Cycling Attempt

Event Name: Bharat Bhraman || Ride-4-Pride || Dusk-to-Dawn (D2D)

Event Type: Solo Cycling Expedition

Route: Okha (Gujarat) -to- Dibrugarh (Assam) – 3,500 Km

Period/Duration: May-June 2017 (20 days)

Intentions: Spreading the Message of Unity & Humanity, Green-&-Healthy India Mission.

Event Details on:

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