Lord Rama and Krishna were non-vegetarians – Pramod Madhwaraj

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Lord Rama and Krishna were non-vegetarians – Pramod Madhwaraj

Udupi: “The Valmiki who born in the lower Beda community wrote the Ramayana. Rama and Krishna who born in the Kshatriya samaj used to consume non-vegetarian food. This information is relevant in context for discussion over the food habits across the country at present”, said Pramod Madhwaraj District minister in-charge and also State fisheries, youth sports and services.

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He was speaking after inaugurating the Valmiki Jayanthi celebrations organized by the district administration and district Social welfare department and other backward class associations at the Ambedkar Bhavan, Adi Udupi here, on Saturday, October 15.

“Valmiki is one of the greatest and earliest poets in Indian history. He came from the lower-class community and wrote the Ramayana. Caste is not important for achievement. Valmiki’s lifestyle is a model to eradicate casteism in the country. Society should emulate the values that Maharshi Valmiki advocated through the Ramayana. There was a need to study the life and works of the Maharshi”, he added.

Dr Krishnaraja Karaba delivered a special talk on Valmiki. Priyanka Mary Francis CEO Udupi Zilla Panchayat; Sheela K Shetty vice president ZP; Nalini Pradeep Rao president ZP; Anuradha ADC and Tahsildar, Maheshchandra were present on the occasion.

Harish L Gaonkar project co-ordinator welcomed the gathering, Vishwanath delivered the vote of Thanks. Dayanand compered the programme.

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  1. We have to remember that Sri Rama belongs to Kshatriya clan. And, meat eating and alcohol consumption are not prohibited for people belonging to Kshatriya clan. So he might have consumed both meat and alcohol till he went for 14 years exile period into Dandaka forest.
    There are a significant number of passages in Valmiki Ramayana where the principal characters used meat in their religious rites and daily diet. Here are some of the passages with original quotes. It was meat that would not be acceptable today to a typical Hindu. It included wild boar (wild pig) and reptile meat (mangoose or varamus)!
    From Ayodhya Kandam:52: As Sita crosses Ganga she promises to Ganga what she will offer on safe return: “thousand pots of spirituous liquor and jellied meat with cooked rice (basically briyani)”
    suraaghaTasahasreNa maamsabhuutodanena cha |
    yakshye tvaam prayataa devi puriim punarupaagataa || 2-52-89
    “Oh, goddess! After reaching back the city of Ayodhya, I shall worship you with thousand pots of spirituous liquor and jellied meat with cooked rice well prepared for the solemn rite.”
    This is the last sloka in the same chapter as above:
    tau tatra hatvaa caturaH mahaa mR^igaan |
    varaaham R^ishyam pR^iSatam mahaa rurum |
    aadaaya medhyam tvaritam bubhukSitau|
    vaasaaya kaale yayatur vanaH patim || 2-52-102
    102. hatvaa= having killed; tatra= there; chaturaH= four; mR^igaan= deer (namely); varaaham= Varaaha; R^ishyam= Risya; pR^ishhatam= PR^isata; mahaaruru= (and) Mahaaruru; (the four principal species of deer); aadayaa= and taking; tvaritam= quickly; medhyam= the portions that were pure; tou= Rama and Lakshmana; bubhukshhitou= being hungry as they were; yayatuH= reached; vanaspatim= a tree; vaasayaa= to take rest; kaale= in the evening.

    Having hunted there four deer, namely Varaaha, Rishya, Prisata; and Mahaaruru (the four principal species of deer) and taking quickly the portions that were pure, being hungry as they were, Rama and Lakshmana reached a tree to take rest in the evening.

    For a solid book on how meat eating including beef eating thrived in Vedic period and continued much later see D.N. Jha’s “The Myth of the Holy Cow” which was originally banned by the BJP administration.

    Mixing politics with religion doesn’t suit well with Minister Madhwaraj.

    Note: This are the extraction from Valmiki Ramayan. I have no intention to enrage anyone’s belief.

    Jai hind

  2. “raama and krishna…consumed non-vegetarian food” – report quoting a politician

    True – raama and krishna consumed non-vegetarian food. He forgot to share a few more things – there were no toilets back then. Also, both Raama and Krishna practiced monarchy, there was no democracy. Are we supposed to reject all the developments since then and go back to those days? In fact, if you go back long enough, you would realize that our ancestors were living in caves!! Should we go back to those days?

    The practice of vegetarian food is one of the many things human beings adopted as we became more civilized. Recognition of equal rights, democracy, animal rights and many other social developments happened as part of this project called civilization. Continuation of medieval practices in the name of religion is irrational.

  3. “I have no intention to enrage anyone’s belief” writes Taqiyya artist after offering a piece of advice to a local politician – “mixing religion with politics doesn’t suit well”

    Well, dear Sheikh,
    Isn’t it ironic that you are lecturing others on mixing religion with politics? LOL Why do you think countries from Morocco to Pakistan have constitution and legal system based on a religion? Sure, you don’t want others to do what your folks are demanding all over the world? Very clever!! smiles…

    Also, you don’t need to feel guilty or apologetic for hurting hindu’s belief/sentiments. You are very safe in India where it’s an open season on hindus. However, anything that is remotely critical or sensitive on minorities gets censored to keep our (pseudo) secular values alive. Yes, you are very safe, no need for any apology.

  4. Pamma should stick to what he is good at. He is putting his finger into a rat trap. Pamma saab, Rama ate fresh water fish like kaane. Any problems? As long as it is Rama Moolya and Krishna Poojary, you can say what you want to. But when it comes to avatar and yuga purush, be careful.

  5. It is okay the Truth Seeker to be civilized and become vegetarian. That is your personal choice. What do you say about terrorizing, witch-hunting, beating and killing non-vegetarians for eating beef. Is it called equality in your civilized way of living?

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