Love to be part of animated version of Indian epics: Kunal Nayyar

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Love to be part of animated version of Indian epics: Kunal Nayyar

Chennai, Nov 4 (IANS) British-Indian actor Kunal Nayyar, who is a huge fan of animated films, thinks it will be cool and fun to be part of a full-blown animated version of Indian epics Ramayana or Mahabharata.

“I think it will be really amazing to be part of a full-blown animated version of Ramayana or Mahabharata. It should be so much fun to play these iconic characters, and I would love to play (Lord) Ram, or lend my voice to the character,” Kunal told IANS in a telephonic interview from Los Angeles.


Most popular for playing Indian astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali in “The Big Bang Theory”, Kunal enjoyed being part of latest animated film “Trolls”, which has released in cinemas on Friday.

In the film, Kunal has given voice over to the character Guy Diamond, a gray glittery Troll who refuses to wear clothes and farts glitter as a means of spreading joy.

“I was really fortunate to be approached for this character because it is not every day you get work on such projects. As a huge fan of animation films, it was a dream come true to be associated with a DreamWorks project,” he said, adding he was really drawn to the world of “Trolls”.

Asked what he really liked about the character he gave voice to, the actor — who was born in London and brought up in Delhi — said: “I loved his innocence, positivity and naivety. I enjoy being a positive person and the whole idea of being in a state of happiness is something that really got me excited.”

As an actor, who is predominantly doing comedy, Kunal liked the idea of spreading happiness.

“There is so much joy in making people happy, laugh, and spreading positivity,” he said.

“Trolls”, which also features voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand and Gwen Stefani, is also a musical.

“This is not just an animated kids’ film. It’s also a musical and Justin’s strength as a musician gave this film a boost. He’s an incredible musician and he’s the one who composed the original song, ‘Cant’ stop the feeling’ from the film, and also re-arranged other songs,” Kunal said, adding he thoroughly enjoyed working with Timberlake, who also served as the executive producer for the film’s music.

Unlike other actors, especially from India, Kunal doesn’t find being associated with animation films is beneath his image.

“I can’t speak for every actor. Personally, I don’t see anything beneath me or above me. As an actor, if I know I will enjoy doing something, I will go ahead and do it. I don’t worry about how people will perceive me,” he said.

The “Dr. Cabbie” actor is very keen on working on Indian content.

“Anything that excites me, I will do it. I really look forward to working in Indian films as well as television,” he said.

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