LS polls: Congress claims BJP losing ground

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LS polls: Congress claims BJP losing ground
New Delhi: Congress on Monday accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of faltering in its electoral strength and failing to surpass the mark of 180 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The claim was accompanied by a sharp criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with Congress leader Supriya Shrinate alleging that PM Modi’s purported affection for the Muslim League has resurfaced as a result.

Shrinate emphasised that the BJP’s purported inability to secure a comfortable electoral majority has led to Prime Minister Modi resorting to divisive rhetoric once again.

The Congress leader suggested that PM Modi’s recent statements betray a sense of nervousness and apprehension about the party’s electoral prospects.

The focal point of the Congress’s narrative was its recently unveiled manifesto, which it hailed as a comprehensive solution to the myriad challenges faced by the nation during the tenure of the Modi-led government.

Titled “Nyaya Patra” the manifesto has garnered widespread attention and acclaim, being hailed as a blueprint for the country’s future.

“After being in power for 10 years, when the country is at the brink of elections and the Prime Minister has to show his report card and ask for votes, he is nervous. He has once again resorted to the same clichéd Hindu-Muslim script,” she said.

Shrinate said that the Prime Minister is so nervous, so scared, so afraid due to the prospects of defeat that loom large, that he is once again making statements that make no sense.

“Congress manifesto – Nyaya Patra – is being discussed everywhere. The media, experts and even our opponents have to admit that this Nyay Patra is an excellent blueprint for the future – encompassing every section of the society – it is this comprehensive approach that the country needs today,” she said.

Shrinate said that the reality is that ever since the Congress manifesto was released, there is a panic in the BJP.

“Another big reality is that BJP’s tally is dwindling very fast, the latest surveys show they are struggling to cross the 180-seat mark. This Nyay Patra has solutions to every problem that has arisen in the last 10 years – like unemployment, inflation, economic inequality, crimes against women, and the plight of farmers,” she said.


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