Lucky No 13! Rakshith Shetty bags 13th Guinness World Record in Marathon

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Lucky No 13! Rakshith Shetty bags 13th Guinness World Record in Marathon

Mangaluru: For many 13 is an unlucky number, but for a few, 13 is a very lucky number- and for that matter, this ‘Lucky’ marathon runner has achieved his 13 th Guinness World Record in Marathon. Looks like for this guy there is no stop in attaining Guinness World Records one after the other. Rakshith Shetty, age 32 of Mangaluru has been “keep going and going and going” in marathon and has been entering and entering and entering himself in the Guinness Book of World Records. Today he has achieved his 13th Guinness World Record running in the Half marathon Category of Mangalore (Nitte) Marathon, which was held in February 2017- he ran dressed as a Boxer. Team Mangalorean who have been supporting Rakshith’s efforts in this sport is very proud to note that he has now 13 Guinness World Records to his credit. Congrats buddy!


Just recently he reached his 12th Guinness World Record (GWR) participating in half marathon held in Bengaluru in December 2016, and that was Rakshith’s biggest achievement getting double GWR in a single marathon. The 10th GWR was for his run in the Marathon wearing Salwar Kameez, and the 11th GWR was for running in the Marathon wearing beach slippers. So until now Rakshith has 13 GWR, and he is really overwhelmed, and looking forward for many more such records. In the Flip flop (running with Slippers), Rakshith has beaten the record held by a United Kingdom Marathon runner with the timing of 1hr 40 min 57 secs) , which was broken by Rakshith with his time record of 1 hr 30 min 23 secs. And now he has achieved his 12th Guinness World Record running in the Bangalore Midnight Half marathon (December) 2016, dressed as elf .

For people with a willingness to achieve, the world is full of opportunities. For that matter, 32-year-old Rakshith Shetty, who shows the world that to be an extraordinary achiever, all you need is a lot of passion and some out-of-the-box thinking. This man who lives by the principle of simple living and high thinking, down-to-earth, soft spoken Rakshith is now a proud holder of 13 Guinness World Records and guess what?- he’s the only one of his kind in India. Prior to winning the 13th GWR he had taken part in the Half Marathon category (Kaveri trail marathon- November 2016) held in Mysuru. In that marathon Rakshith ran, clad in a ‘Organ” costume- and today he has added yet another feather to his cap, by achieving the 13th GWR .

Rakshith’s past 12 Guinness World Record Achieved details:

1. 10 kms dressed as animal costume – Bengaluru- Event, TCS WORLD 10K 2014 (April)
2. 10 kms dressed as vegetables costume-Mysore- Event, Mysore Marathon 2014 (Same race got 2nd place win) (September)
3. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as Love Heart- Bengaluru- Bengaluru Marathon (Shriram properties) 2015 (October)
4. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as Musical Instrument – Bengaluru- Bengaluru Midnight Marathon (SBI) 2015 (December)
5. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as Playing Card- Bangalore- Bangalore (Ajmera) Half Marathon 2015 (December)
6. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as tool (Measuring Tape) – Mysore- Royal Mysore Marathon 2015 (December)
7. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as Whoopee cushion- Bangalore- Bengaluru Nirbhaya Midnight Marathon 2016 (April)
8. 21 kms (Half marathon) dressed as Fast Food items- Bangalore- Bangalore (trort 008) Marathon 2016 (July)
9. 21 kms (Half Marathon category (Kaveri trail marathon (November) 2016) held in Mysuru.
10. 21 Kms (Half Marathon Category -APR Bengaluru Marathon Dec 2016 (wearing Salwar Kameez)
11. 21 Kms (Half Marathon Category -APR Bengaluru Marathon Dec 2016 (wearing Beach slippers)
12. 21 Kms Bangalore Midnight Half marathon (December) 2016,

Rakshith’s Normal Races Win details:

1. 10kms-Bangalore 2014 -2nd place
2. 12.5 kms-Bangalore 2014-3rd place
3. 10 kms Mysore 2014- 2nd place
4. 5kms Bangalore 2015-1st place
5. 21kms Mysore marathon 2015-3rd place
6. 21kms Mangalore (Big Balipu) 2016-1st place
7. 21kms Bangalore 2016- 3rd place
8. 21kms Mysore Marathon 2016-3rd place
9. Short race (Bunts event) Mangaluru 2016- 800 mtrs, 400 mtrs -2nd place Each

Team Mangalorean wishes Rakshith Shetty all success in his future endeavors- and we feel proud to celebrate the success of this hero through this column in, where we always encourage, budding to professional stars, either in the field of Sports, Art, Music, Entertainment, Academics. etc-looking forward for Rakshith to hit his 14th Guinness Record- Best of luck!

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