Madikeri: Minister Khader Exhorts Doctors to Shed Ego and Serve in Rural Areas

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Madikeri: State minister of health and family welfare, U T Khader, did some straight talk during his visit to the city and the district hospital.

He held meetings with the doctors and departmental officials in the DC office auditorium to monitor the progress of works and projects. He felt that there was a general feeling among the medical post-graduates that it was below dignity to work like ordinary doctors.

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Similarly, additional doctors in the district hospitals hesitated to work in rural centres. They should shed such a mindset and work in the rural regions keeping in view their social responsibilities and commitment to the people, he further said.

He also said that it was an open secret that those holding medical, engineering, postgraduate and IAS-level degrees had ego issues. They had to keep in mind that they had entered into public domain for the sake of serving the people.

When doctors from the cities arrived at rural areas, the people would be the happiest lot.  If the doctors provided villagers with good service, it would bring a good name to the department, he further said.

He further advised the staff keep medicines for H1N1 in enough stock and also ensure that mothers-to-be were not made to go away from government hospitals on account lack of facilities.

He had a special word of appreciation for the way the district hospital functioned and wanted other taluk, community and primary health centres to keep similar standards.

Going around the hospital, the minister gathered information on the number of surgeries conducted, the number of outpatients and doctors and the status and management of medical laboratories.

He also instructed that enough stock of medicines for dogbites, snakebites etc be ordered in advance based on expected requirements. He also revealed that there was a plan to open medical colleges in every district centre.

He expressed his disappointment that in spite of being provided with free education and boarding, not many came forward to serve in rural areas.

Deputy commissioner Anurag Tewary, district health and family planning officer Dr O R Srirangappa, district surgeon Dr K B Muttappa, medical college director Dr Mahendra and others were with the minister.

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