Mahira and Paras try to give ‘Bigg Boss’ feel to their new music video

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Mahira and Paras try to give ‘Bigg Boss’ feel to their new music video

New Delhi:  Former Bigg Boss contestants Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra have reunited for a music video. She says it has all the elements that their fans loved while watching them on season 13 of the popular show.

Sung by Raman Goyal, the song is called “Ring”, and its video sees Mahira and Paras, fondly known as #pahira by fans, getting into cute fights.

“We wanted to give a ‘Bigg Boss’ feel, show how we are in reality, without acting. People liked the fun and love, we have put all that in the music video,” Mahira told IANS.

Apart from participating in the controversial show together, the two actors have also featured in other music videos.

“Working with Paras is always comfortable,” she said.

She shared that the two off-screen friends don’t fight much in reality, but sometimes “I get a bit rude and he has a problem with that. He eats very quickly. I have a problem with that”.

As for music videos, she simply loves them. “I have always liked doing music videos. We can’t do much because of coronavirus. There are TV show offers also, but I don’t want to take risks. It’s all in Mumbai and shooting everyday…I am just waiting for this pandemic to get over,” said the actress, who is currently in Chandigarh.

But the entertainment won’t stop.

“We will continue to entertain fans through different music videos. There will be more music videos (with Paras),” she promised.

Asked if she learnt anything during the lockdown period, she replied with a laugh: “I learnt during ‘Bigg Boss’ — that was also kind of a lockdown, too, a dangerous one. The situations taught me patience and how to cook.”

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