Makkala Hakkugala Ranga Kalotsava marks Padi Silver Jubilee inauguration

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Makkala Hakkugala Ranga Kalotsava marks Padi Silver Jubilee inauguration

Mangaluru: To mark the silver jubilee of Padi, Makkala Hakkugala Ranga Kalotsava and the release of a souvenir was held at the Don Bosco Hall here on September 1.

The programme began with an invocation. The former president and member of Padi Dr Jayanth welcomed the gathering.

The executive director of PADI, Renni D’Souza in his keynote address said, “We need to develop a child-friendly society in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. We need to give value based education to our children. The Government should take special interest to make the twin Districts child-friendly.”

The programme was inaugurated by Mallanna Gowda Senior Judge and Member Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, DK by unveiling the plaque. Later former president of KSCPCR Kripa Amar Alva released the souvenir “Bolli” on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Mallanna Gowda said, “In this world every human being wants to lead a peaceful life. But we have seen atrocities being committed against children and many of the children are suffering for various reasons. Some children suffer due to poverty and some are victims of sexual abuse. To provide justice and to fight for their rights PADI has been working from the past 25 years. The organisation is striving hard to make this district a child-friendly. In this good cause if the organisation needs any legal support, we will render our helping hand.”

Addressing the gathering Dr Kripa Amar Alva said, “Children are very innocent and they are equal to God. We have never seen God but when our children feel happy and they smile we can see God in them. Children are the asset of our country. Today those who have the concern towards children, they are here to take part in the programme. Today PADI is celebrating its silver jubilee, I would like to congratulate this organization because it is very easy to start an organization but very difficult to take it forward. When the foundation is strong the building will also be strong likewise a strong foundation has been put for PADI, I congratulate them.”

Kripa further said,  “In the population of our country, 40% are children, in our state we have a population of 6 crores of which 2.5 crores are children. Recalling an incident in a school in Hosur, Bengaluru Kripa said, “Due to traffic some children aged 4 to 7 years had reached 5 minutes late to school. But the security did not allow the children to enter the gate. The children were made to stand outside the gate from 8:30 am to 9:45 am. Fortunately one of the parents who came to the school to give the tiffin which his son forgot to carry with him, saw the children standing outside the gate. When he questioned the security, why the students made to outside the gate? The watchman said, “I am following the principal’s order”. When he approached the principal’s office to request the principal to allow the students to sit in the class. The principal said, “This is the way we discipline children, they had come late and we do not want them to be inside the school”. The man then dialed 100 and informed the police. The police reached within 10 minutes convinced the principal to allow the children inside the class. The man later proceeded to his work, as soon as he reached the office, he got a call from the school asking him to come back to the school immediately, they also called his wife to come to the school. When he came to the school campus, the teachers snatched his mobile and thrashed him. This is the way some of the schools operate and behave with children.”

Kripa also said, ‘In olden days, we were respecting our teachers as much as our parents but now the situation is different. Whenever there is harassment in the school parents keep their mouth thinking that their children may suffer if they react. According to a study, children who suffer in their young age, when they grow old trouble their spouse and children. They have certain thoughts embedded in their subconscious mind and are not aware of what they are doing.”

Earlier children had a strong mind and were taking everything as challenge but now the parents treat children as a commodity. Parents now are not interested to understand the child’s interest but they want to impose on their children what they think is good for them. I congratulate PADI for celebrating the silver jubilee and wish them all the best.”

MLC Ivan D’Souza, Deputy director of Dakshina Kannada women and children welfare association Sundar Poojary, Founder of DEEDS Marlin Martis and DDPI (Development) Principal DIET Cyprian Monteiro also spoke on the occasion. President of PADI Dr Shobhadevi M G delivered the presidential address. Treasurer PADI Thukaram Ekkar delivered the vote of thanks.

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