Malaria, Dengue and Leptospirosis on the rise in Mangaluru

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Malaria, Dengue and Leptospirosis on the rise in Mangaluru

5 people with severe conditions get a second life at KMC Hospital

Mangaluru: Seasonal change and varying in temperature is giving rise to mosquito-borne diseases and people become susceptible to deadly diseases like Malaria, Leptospirosis and Dengue. Apart from it being fatal, patients are presented with severe conditions of kidney failure, liver Precaution to avoid Leptospirosis.

L to R Dr Dattatray Prabhu, Dr Prashanth B,Patient Shajith Alex, Dr Mayoor Prabhu and Dr Jayesh Kamath

• Avoid contact with contaminated water and animals to avoid exposure to bacterium.
• Avoid swallowing water from swamps, lakes & flood.
• Avoid wading in flooded water areas especially if you have cuts or abrasions, dysfunction, blood abnormalities and respiratory complications.

KMC Hospital and its team of doctors gave new lease of life to five people who were brought to the Hospital in nearly fatal condition.

The competent team of expert doctors consisting of Nephrologist Dr Mayoor V Prabhu, Intensivists Dr Dattatray Prabhu, Dr Sujit Ravindra Raj, Dr Meghana Madi, Dr Jayesh Kamat and Hematologist Dr Prashanth Bhat left no stone unturned in treating these five patients and bringing them to stable condition and uneventful recovery.

Speaking on the occasion Sagir Siddiqui, Unit Head KMC Hospitals Said, “The Hospital has seen a spurt in such cases in the coastal belt of Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod districts. Several patients had to be put on ICU care and ventilators for having developed multiple complications. The 5 patients were in an acute emergency and had developed complications, renal failure requiring dialysis and septicemia, it was very challenging for our doctors but their sheer dedication and commitment saved the lives of these patients.”

The case of 40-year-old Shajith Alex who was brought from a private Hospital in Kunnur was critical. He was diagnosed with leptospirosis which is a bacterial infection with severe symptoms of platelet dysfunction, kidney failure and breathlessness. The patient was in a state of coma and had to be immediately put on dialysis and ventilator. He also had liver dysfunction and received platelet and blood product support and was also put on dialysis. He was closely monitored by Dr Prashanth Bhat and gradually after few days his parameters normalized. Additionally, he was also taken off the ventilator and dialysis after 2 weeks. Alex made a remarkable recovery and was discharged.

Speaking on the occasion by Dr Anand Venugopal, Medical Superintendent KMC Hospitals, Mangaluru said, “Malaria and Dengue are rampant in and around Mangaluru. I urge people to visit their clinicians or hospital when they have symptoms of Fever, Rashes, and Vomiting. The public is advised to ensure cleanliness in their surroundings and see that there is no stagnation of water which leads to breeding of mosquitoes.”

The second case was of 47-year-old Ashok Suvarna who was unwell with a light fever that was persisting from the past 6 days. The doctors in Hubli could not diagnose the cause. His condition started deteriorating when he developed severe kidney failure and was brought to the casualty department of KMC Hospital. Within 5 minutes of his admission, he developed cardiorespiratory arrest that stops the blood supply to the heart. He underwent resuscitation which is a process of reviving someone in an unconscious state. Since he had kidney failure too he required prolonged dialysis. His case was efficiently managed by Dr Mayoor V Prabhu, Nephrologist. Ashok battled for his life for almost a week. Fortunately, he responded to the treatment and gradually recovered from his condition in a month. His kidney and liver functions were stable and normal and he happily went back to his hometown in Hubli.

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