Malayalam star Unni Mukundan wraps up shoot of his 40th film, ‘Get Set, Baby’

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Malayalam star Unni Mukundan wraps up shoot of his 40th film, ‘Get Set, Baby’
Kochi:  Malayalam star Unni Mukundan has wrapped up shooting of his 40th film, ‘Get Set, Baby’.

The makers called it a wrap after 45 days of shooting in Thodupuzha and Kochi.

Actress Nikhila Vimal will play the lead role opposite Mukundan.

The production is a collaborative effort of Skanda Cinemas and Kingsmen Productions and helmed under the direction of Vinay Govind.

This project is the first joint venture of producers Sunil Jain and Sajiv Soman.

‘Get-Set, Baby!’ promises to blend elements of humour with poignant social commentary centred around the challenges encountered by an IVF specialist and his inventive solutions.

The film is a mixture of humour and emotional moments.

In a departure from his previous roles, Unni Mukundan showcases his versatility with a nuanced portrayal, while Nikhila Vimal embodies the role of a resilient female lead, adding optimism and strength to the narrative.

Scripted by the accomplished duo Y.V. Rajesh and Anoop Ravindran, the film aspires to captivate viewers with its rich tapestry of modern life experiences, expertly crafted by the visionary team behind the scenes.

The film features the expertise of renowned editor Mahesh Narayanan, cinematographer Alex J. Pulikal, and music composer Sam CS, ensuring a visual and auditory treat for audiences.

Complementing their efforts are the creative contributions of production designer Sunil K George and costume designer Sameera Saneesh, adding to the film’s aesthetic appeal.

In addition to Unni and Nikhila, ‘Get-Set, Baby!’ features a cast, including Chemban Vinod, Shyam Mohan, Johny Antony, Meera Vasudevan, Bhagat Manuel, Surabhi Lakshmi, Muthumani, Varsha Ramesh, Jewel Mary, Abhiram, and Ganga Meera.

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