‘Mangaloreans are Awesome Folks, Friendly & Courteous’- Bicycling German Couple Exploring Kudla

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‘Mangaloreans are Awesome Folks, Friendly & Courteous’- Bicycling German Couple Justin Wenzke and Anni Sophie, both 26 years, while in Kudla, are currently explore India before venturing into Nepal, Vietnam and other countries, the duo tentatively plans to reach Germany sometime during September or October or latest by Christmas 2024

Mangaluru: It should be noted that Mangaluru has been one of the destinations where in the past many Cyclists, Walkers, Runners, and many others on a mission of their own, have made a pit-stop in Mangaluru, and Team Mangalorean had the privilege of meeting most of them during their one or two or more days stay here- and recently Team Mnagalorean had the opportunity to meet a young couple in the mid-twenties, during their couple of days here and enjoying the beauty and graciousness of the Coastal City.

Yes, Meet the Wenzke’s from Germany – Justin Wenzke and Ann-Sophie, both duo 26 years old who had set out from a little suburb of Berlin on 6 August 2023 on their bicycles and landed in India on January 11, 2024 – to pursue what they say is an exercise to “Expand Their Minds.” The duo, who will be in India over the next 45-odd days, will cycle up the west coast up to Mumbai via Goa, then head to Patna and Kathmandu, come back to India and leave the nation from Kolkata. They have cycled their way via Türkey, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi and a lot of other Middle Eastern nations before landing in India (Mangaluru) via Muscat.


HR professionals back home, the Wenzke’s are using this trip to meet people, and experience cultures and life. “We have not travelled before and are doing it now,” Ann-Sophie said. “There are nice people in other countries and this trip will help us expand our minds,” adds Justin, who worked for the German Federal government in charge of the Autobahn in the Fatherland. The duo tentatively plans to reach Germany sometime during September or October or latest by Christmas this year. They will be heading out to the Far East once their Indian sojourn is done. “We plan to visit at least 10 more countries before heading back home,” said Anni-Sophie

Landing at the Mangaluru International Airport after cycling across the Middle East, they arrived in Mangaluru a couple of days ago, and aim to return home before Christmas this year, experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes along the way. the duo brought their cycles as a CKD kit, and assembled the same at the airport, before peddling their way to the city for overnight rest, They plan to carry back their travel tales to their family back home.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Justin said, “The idea of this journey has been on our minds since 2017. After a year of marriage, we finally decided to embark on it. Inspired by a book on bicycle touring, we commenced our adventure from Cottbus in Germany on August 6, 2023. We traversed through Eastern European states and then explored Turkey, Cyprus, the UAE and Oman before taking a flight to Mangaluru.”

While their journey through most parts of Mangaluru involved planning and understanding the country, Anni said, “My best friend Ragini is from India, and we were colleagues in Berlin, Germany. After Mangaluru, we cycled along the coast to Goa, where Ragini’s parents hosted us. From here, we will be moving towards Mumbai. “This is a new and unique experience for us. We are not accustomed to such heavy traffic, crowds, and distinct smells. We anticipated this journey to be more challenging and strenuous, and surprisingly, we are enjoying every bit of it.”

“The people we encounter are friendly, offering us lemonade, water and fruits, and engaging in short conversations. We have relished the local cuisine, particularly paneer butter masala and gobi manchurian. India provides many vegetarian food options, allowing us to enjoy two to three veg dishes easily. Cycling an average of 60-70 km daily, we not only explore the sightseeing places, but also relish spending more time amidst nature, Our stay in Mangaluru has been a very pleasant and memorable one, with Mangaloreans that we met were quite awesome folks, friendly and courteous, and mingled with us freely,” shared Justin and Anni.

Their upcoming plans include taking the train from Mumbai to Patna, followed by a journey on bike to Kathmandu. After exploring Nepal, they intend to cycle back to Kolkata and then travel to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand before heading to the USA and finally returning to Germany. They are riding a sturdy bicycle capable of handling substantial weight because they are cycling along with essential camping gear such as tents, cooking equipment, sleeping bags, emergency kits, and various gears. “We have met many kind-hearted people, an experience less common back home where interactions among people are limited. We hope to reciprocate the same love and warmth we have received when we encounter tourists during our travels there,” they said.

The airport team on their arrival welcomed the duo with an open heart, and extended hospitality in the true Athithi Devo Bava concept that permeates in this nation of ours. Team Mangalorean wishes the adventurous duo the very best in their quest to expand not just their minds, but also become better ambassadors to humankind. Wishing them a safe journey and all success in accomplishing their mission!

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