Mangaluru: Change is Good! Er Vinayaka Pai Installed as Chairman of ACCE for 2015-17

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“Go for civil engineering, because civil engineering is the branch of engineering which teaches you the most about managing people. Managing people is a skill which is very, very useful and applies almost regardless of what you do” – Sir John Harvey Jones

“The way to build a nation is to build a good citizen. The majority of the citizens should be efficient, of good character and possess a reasonable high sense of duty. Hard work performed in a disciplined manner will in most cases keep the worker fit and also prolong his life. To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money”- Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya

“A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible”-Adam S

Mangalure: Serving as a President or Chairman of a organization is a privilege and honor bestowed upon you by club members. Through your election, your peers have recognized your leadership skills and potential to manage the association effectively. Your term in office will offer many opportunities to learn new skills, enhance the experience of others and grow as a leader. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow, your term can have personal and professional development benefits that will last a lifetime. All of the members of your association are part of your team, and it is the chairman’s responsibility to guide members toward reaching the association goals.

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Having goals and making plans to achieve them are two key steps to being successful. Every office-bearers and every member has his/her important role to fill, and by working together, your association will be able to meet its full potential and serve a vital role in your community. To accommodate these facts, there is a great deal of latitude in how you choose to manage your association as long as you follow the basic association rules/standards. In today’s rapidly changing world, individuals must blend their family demands, work commitments and volunteer work. While the responsibilities of an individual association president/chairman may be demanding, he is able to share challenges, ideas and perspectives with fellow officers.

Like they say that Change in leadership is always good and better, it was time for change in Chairmanship to lead The Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) -Mangaluru Center (ACCE) for the year 2015-2017. The installation ceremony of the office bearers of ACCE was held on 21 May 2015 at Loyola Hall-SAC. Live-wire Er Vijaya Vishnu Mayya compered the event with his professionalism as always, and kept the audience glued to their seats with his punchy and witty dialogues. Following the invocation by Er Sudhir, the welcome address was delivered by Chairman of ACCE (2013-2015), Er Ranganath Aithal. Introduction of the guests namely: (Chief guest) Rajesh Chowta- President of Rajalaxmi Education Trust; (Presiding Officer) Er Ajith Sabnis- National President-Elect ACCE (India); (Guests of Honor) Ln Kavitha Shastri -District Governor-Lions Club 317D, and D B Mehta-President,CREDAI, was done by Er Mayya.

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The ceremony was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp by all the dignitaries on the dais, which was followed by the Activity report presented by Secretary Er Anil D’souza. A Power Point presentation compiled by Er T Vinayak Pai was also presented. Out-going chairman, Er Ranganath Aithal in his farewell speech thanked and appreciated all the support, love and encouragement shown towards him during his two years tenure as Chairman of ACCE-Mangalore Center. Then came the moment of the evening, when Er Ajith Sabnis installed the in-coming Chairman of ACCE-Mangaluru Center, by offering him a bouquet of flowers.

In his acceptance speech, Er Vinayak Pai offering his gratitude to God, his family members, relatives, team members, friends and well-wishers said, ” While I am accepting this responsible post of this prestigious association, I am looking forward for your full support and encouragement in taking this association to greater heights. I promise to work with my office bearers to provide effective club leadership. I promise to be responsible for developing team strategies, motivating the office bearers and members, and monitor overall performance of the team. I am confident with this collaborative team approach not only we can improve our Association administration, but it also enables each officer to be more confident and effective. Collaboration ensures more effective use of individual talents. While I look forward for my successful two-year tenure as Chairman, I thank you all and seek your support and blessings in my forthcoming endeavours”.

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Ln Kavitha Shastry addressing the gathering said, ” Being a ordinary woman standing in front of genius and great engineers I can’t boast much about myself. Looking at the various activities organized by this association as shown in Power-Point presentation, I can say this association is quite active and rendering great service to the community. As a District Governor of Lions Club I would like to be closely associated with ACCE, in chalking out some community projects, one of them being the ‘Joy of Giving and Sharing’ with the less fortunate and suffering. When you give, other person is blessed. Let ACCE and Lions Club join hands and serve the community, and let us together make a difference”.

President of CREDAI, DB Mehta said, ” I need to compliment all these engineers here for their contribution towards the tremendous infrastructure of Mangaluru. Builders. Architects and Engineers are the pillars of building Industry. We should all know that the quality of any building project entirely depends on the Engineer. Having traveled all over India as part of my real estate profession, I can say that Mangaluru Engineers are the best-they are dedicated, committed and trust-worthy. In many places, the engineer does what the builder demands, but here in Mangaluru I have noticed that the builder does what the engineer demands. My one request to this association, kindly come up with a project to train the local builders, so that they get more knowledge in the construction field. I am also looking forward for combined efforts between ACCE and CREDAI”.

Chief guest Rajesh Chowta addressing the audience said, ” Civil Engineering is known to be the mother of all engineering disciplines. It is an all pervasive engineering profession, full of opportunities and challenges. Civil Engineering addresses to all aspects of the infrastructure facilities necessary for modern living such as buildings, transportation systems, water supply and waste water treatments, environmental protection etc. Civil Engineering actually plays the role of nation building. The construction boom in India and abroad provides plenty of opportunities for Civil Engineers. So we should try to mould our engineering students as world class Engineers. We should look for progress through quality education by keeping pace with new challenges in the field of Civil Engineering. We need to create competent Civil Engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills thereby finding real time solutions to regional and global problems and accept new challenges in various Civil Engineering projects. As always change is better- now that ACCE has a new chairman, Er Vinayak Pai should follow his own dreams, create his unique ideas and plans, and thereby make a difference in the association and community”.

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ACCE (India) president elect, Er Ajith Sabnis in his address said, ” Glad to see all these engineers in a jubilant mood, there is harmony among them, and that’s a good sign in any organization or association. As engineers we need to have an exchange of responsibility, accountability, and commitment. As civil engineers are addressed as nation builders, I feel proud to be a civil engineer. We need to implement integration. Since Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings, we need to give full concentration while carrying out the job. As civil engineering is going high-tech these days, the job of a civil engineer gets more tough and needs more attention in the project undertaken. We all should look for great years ahead of us- we can all work together and come out with great results. Long live Civil Engineering and Civil Engineers!”.

Er Ajith Sabnis was felicitated for his achievements in the field of civil engineering and also for being elected as ACCE (India) president. The vote of thanks was proposed by Er Mohammed Iqbal- Secretary ACCE-Mangalore Center. The formal function was adjourned for a fellowship dinner, during which a few engineers showed their singing talents.

The Following are Office Bearers of ACCE (I) – Mangaluru Centre 2015-17

Chairman T. Vinayak Pai
Imm Past Chairman Ranganath aithal
Secretary Mohammad Iqbal
Treasurer Premanand
Vice Chairman Anil s d souza
Joint-Secretary Narendra Prabhu
Program Committee Chairman Barath
Membership Committee Chairman Ajith Kumar M
Liasoning Committee Chairman Sathyaranjan
Technical Seminar Committee Chairman Vijay Vishnu Mayya
Centre Extension Committee Chairman Ayub
Community Services Committee Chairman Eknath
Bulletin Editor Anil Baliga
Sports Committee Chairman Balasubramanya
Entertainment  Committee Chairman Vimal Keerthi Jain
Public Relation Officer
EC Members Rajendra Kalbhavi
Arun Raj
Chinnagiri gowd
Arun Prabha
Austin Miranda
Umesh Shetty
Suraj Shetty
Subramanya Prabhu

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